Wednesday, January 19, 2011

After the First Date: Flirting, Facebook and Future Plans

The morning after our first date, I smile and sigh as I open Herbie64’s good morning text.  It has been in my inbox for a couple of hours before I have the chance to open it.  I’ve packed two school lunches, fed and took out our dog, tracked down matching socks for both boys, downed three cups of coffee and answered a handful of emails and drove one to school after missing the bus, before even thinking of checking my texts.
The first chance I had to look at my phone was while stopped behind a line of cars behind the elementary bus boarding the students.    His text says, “Good morning, sexy”.  I flip down my visor and look in the mirror and it says otherwise.  A sloppy ponytail and remnants of mascara from the night before were irrelevant details compared to having to make the mad dash to middle school on time.  Scraping the layer of ice off of my windshield and arguing with him about why he needs to go to school despite the tummy ache du jour took precedence over primping. 

I read that text and the next two, “thinking of you” followed by “Wow you are a GREAT kisser!”.  I guess I really did “bring sexy back” last night lol … today however is a very different story.    I feel a little like a jerk that I’ve not gotten back to him, so I do so now, being thankful and trying to muster up a little sexy mojo.  I hope it fools him because I’m not fooling myself.
Before our first date, he sent me a friend request on Facebook, tracking me down somehow… a little creepy no doubt.  I reluctantly added him because I didn’t want to look like I was hiding anything.  This morning his status was about how he had a great day yesterday and life is good.  The message was a little cryptic, but no doubt intended for me to read.  During the day we continue texting, he says he can’t wait to see me on Saturday and that he doesn’t want to wait that long.   I’m keeping some distance but still flattered. 

That evening after my kids are in bed, the laundry is folded and the kitchen cleaned up after dinner, I text him that I’m now ready to talk.  After hitting send, my phone rings before I can set it back down and we talk about our Saturday night plans.  It is a few days away and he has racked up major points for remembering our very first phone conversation and how I always wanted to go to the little jazz club downtown with the rooftop bar.  
Our conversation does wander to the edge of a PG-13 rating scale, but just barely.   I set the parameters of the “3rd date rule”, so I don’t think things will get too crazy on Saturday.   Our conversation is light and I can feel myself letting my guard down just a little more.   I’m starting to see him coming with me to planned events in my near future, the fundraiser in two week and the dinner outing with friends the week before.     We say goodnight for the evening and he says how much he is looking forward to another kiss.  
I hang up the phone and think through the past ten days or so that I’ve known him.  He has been pursuing me consistently, being sincere and wearing down my defenses little by little.   I’m becoming more confident that I’m doing the right thing by moving ahead and that my feelings for Putter truly are evaporating.

I hear “I’m back in the saddle again” looping in my head again as I’m brushing my teeth and simultaneously trying to ignore the reality of the 40-something year old face in the mirror.  Suddenly, I’m really grateful for quality makeup and bras with “special effects”.    I’m trying to be excited about Saturday night but I’d be lying if I said I was.   As I turn off the light and get comfortable under my covers, my thoughts drift to Putter as they do every night when I close my eyes.


The Single Mom

Next time.... Creeping and Cold Feet


Karyn said...

SO ready to hear about the date. And, more than that, hoping that dating, texting, writing this blog keep you from thinking of Putter. Which, by the way, is indistinguishable in pronunciation via a blog. So, I call him "Poooter" Is that right?

singlemom said...

Thank you, Karyn. I'm so glad you are curious to see what happens next because it takes an unexpected turn... In my mind (on good days) his nickname is Putter like as a golf club... on bad days, totally different story! ;)