Sunday, January 16, 2011

Facebook + Dating = Awkward Situations... (I swear this stuff only happens to me...)

My relationship  with Facebook is kind of a love/hate thing.  One day, I'm creeping on a potential new guy and finding valuable information that saves me from making a huge mistake... the next day an ex I still have feelings for changes their relationship status to "In a Relationship" and then I never want to see Facebook again  

I'm also convinced I have a magnetic field that attracts weirdness and awkward situations.  My girlfriends swear that my purpose on the planet is to keep them entertained with all my clumsy, awkward stories.  Now I guess I'm sharing them with y'all... hopefully you can laugh at me and feel less like a dork, compared to me. ;)

Friday night was girls' night out and I really needed a night out   We have a local spot nearby that is known as a meat market, but I just go to dance and have fun.   (Ho's before Bro's... 2011 Resolution/Dare)

It felt great to get dressed up to go out.  I curled my hair, put on lots of Spackle (makeup).  I wore a black corset with a red cardigan over it, black pants and high heels.   I felt shiny, sexy and ready to have a good time with the girls.   One of my friends brought a girlfriend of hers, whom I'd never met.   Since she is a friend of one of my peeps,  I made a special effort to be nice to her to make her feel welcomed.   She turned out to be really sweet, funny and I like her a lot.  

We had a chance to talk a little and she mentioned that she is in a new relationship with a guy she sees a lot of potential with and she seemed really happy.   She and I talked and then were dancing together, some cute guys danced with us and we all had fun, but it didn't get crazy.   She kept complimenting me about my looks and she and I really clicked, it felt like we had known each other for a long time.   We had a lot of laughs and it was a blast.

Awkward moment coming... wait for it...

On the way out, we were all talking and she shared a little TMI about her sex life and how she had just tried anal sex for the first time with her new boyfriend.   We were all laughing as she was talking about it... obviously she was feeling comfortable with us and the several beers she had didn't hurt.   When it was time to say goodbye, she pulled me to the side and told me that she wanted us to become friends and to hang out some more and we hugged like we knew each other for years. 

Ok, the TMI was awkward, but that's not it...

In the morning, I had a friend request from her on Facebook and I accepted.   Her profile picture was of her and her boyfriend... hmmm he looks familiar... ya, this is where it gets awkward... he is an ex of mine, swell - and yes we had sex together.  Of course, it didn't end well to make it extra weird... two scoops of awkward, thanks!   Our thing was a few years ago, so it is totally in the past but I have to admit this was someone I really liked, we had crazy chemistry and got along really well.  

It was a short lived thing,  we rushed having sex, unfortunately.  He became distant and I got really upset.  Looking back now,  I see my mistakes and I wish we could have ended it better.  Unfortunately, we can't redo that and I don't want to complicate it and I surely don't want to create any friction for them.

So, now not only do I have an awkward situation but also a little moral dilemma - what I should do I tell her or do I let it go?  I'm thinking it would be better coming from him, but what if he doesn't tell her?  HELP!   Has anything like this happened to you?


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