Thursday, January 27, 2011

First Date with Niceguy11, The Cold Saturday Night Heats Up, part two

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We both pull back reentering the reality of being in the wine bar, yet not exactly wanting to.  Our eyes are still locked on each other and we are both reaching for each other’s hands instinctively.  In my mind, I’m picturing his grey flannel sweater and slacks in a crumpled pile on the floor next to my bed.   I’m pretty sure that his thoughts aren’t too far from mine as I’m running my index finger over his hand, from the tip of his middle finger down to his wrist.   I don’t mean to but I’m aware that as I’m looking at him, I’m biting my lower lip.  It seems a little too cliché but I don’t think he cares too much about that right now.  

At just about the same exact moment we both exhale and say “Wow’.  I can only speak for me, but it is just about the only word that I can access right now.   I have to consciously make myself breathe.  On perfect cue, our waiter appears with our appetizers and fresh drinks.    This drink goes down much quicker than the first; the conversation likewise flows perfectly between bites of the spinach artichoke dip and sips of the martinis.  

I couldn’t be feeling any more dreamy than in this moment, hearing Harry Connick Jr. crooning about love, feeling the warmth of the fire, sharing the company of this wonderful man and well the vodka didn’t hurt much either, just sayin…  We talk about everything from music, favorite concerts, movies and travels.   We then dare each other to share most embarrassing moment stories and expose just a smidgen of our concealed (or not so concealed) geeky sides.

Our loud laughter at each other’s awkward moment stories echoes loudly in the bar as we suddenly become aware that we are the only customers left.  We both check our phones and are surprised that it is now almost 2 am, and we have been talking for five hours.  The waitresses and waiters are feverishly counting money in registers, bussing tables and don’t seem concerned at all with our lingering.   Niceguy11 does however get our waiter’s attention for our check and ignores my offer to contribute.  I tell him thank you and we have a very quick kiss to punctuate the moment.  He mentions that he is paying despite being teased and ripped off by me not wearing the red shoes. 

As we are collecting our coats and scarves and preparing to leave this cozy cocoon of the wine bar, and reenter the cold January evening we are both acting coy about the prospect of seeing each other and having full calendars.   He opens the front door for me as we both walk outside, jolted by the cold winter air.   

We easily spot our cars since the parking lot is empty and ours are the only two there.    The sky is clear and the moon is shining brightly as I back up against my car facing him.   He places his hand firmly on the back of my head and our mouths were on each other’s in seconds.   We couldn’t have been any closer as his whole body was pressed against me pushing me against my car.  I could feel how much he wanted me and it was mutual.  

My mouth opened up to him and the way he kissed me told me that if we ever made love, it would be incredible.  His hand moved from my waist to my ass and he pulled me closer to his body in one movement.  

I envisioned in my mind having an angel on one of my shoulders and the devil on the other, just like in movies.  The angel was telling me that it was time to stop kissing now in a very nagging voice.  I was thinking to myself, “Screw that!” and the devil gave me a thumbs up and a wink.  My “third date rule” now seemed silly and my body was telling my brain that the rule was ridiculous.  As we were kissing, he breathed something that sounded like “I should stop” and I nodded in agreement while intentionally kissing him harder.

He pulled back and stopped kissing me, saying that we should both go before we went too far.  I knew I’d be grateful for his self-discipline eventually, but I wasn’t feeling that way right now.    I thanked him again for the evening .   He made me promise to text him when I got home to let him know I arrived safely.   We exchanged a couple more quick kisses before I got into my car and drove home.


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Next time: Another date with Niceguy11... after many years of dating disasters, could this finally be a keeper????   Also: more from an ex, and why was Niceguy11 so engrossed with his phone?

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