Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Fresh Start with A Nice Guy (Niceguy11)... After our First Date...

Last post:  A perfect date with an authentic nice guy, Niceguy11 at the cozy Wine Bar.   The conversation and the drinks flowed.   The night ended with very passionate kisses and promises to see each other soon

On the drive home I changed the radio station from the usual hip hop music station I normally listen to, to the love song station.  (I had to hunt it down, I don't listen to it much... I kept replaying the night in my head.  It was about as perfect as a first date could be.   We laughed, we shared and there was so much passion.   He is an incredible man, attractive, funny and kind.  He is also a really great dad which is one of the most important things to me.  So, knowing he loves country music is pretty easily forgiven, lol.     

He is a little older than me, just 8 years and a manager at a manufacturing plant.   He’d been in the same job for several years and even does a lunch time bible study on Tuesdays.   The hardest part would be not allowing myself to completely fall in love with this almost perfect man.   I kept trying to think of what could be the hitch, is he gay, does he have to take little blue pills, is there a bloody axe in his trunk?   What the hell could it be, there had to be something...

Pulling into my driveway and walking to the front door felt like walking on a cloud. Although it was freezing cold out it didn’t phase me in the least.  It was a magical night walking under the stars and the bright moon to my door.  I kicked off my shoes and chuckled about the black high heels and our little inside joke.   I texted him, “I’m home xxxooo” and headed upstairs for bed.   While removing my makeup and clothes I just kept grinning about how perfect the night was.  I could literally feel my heart beating in my chest and I was hoping he was thinking of me too.   

My phone on my nightstand buzzed and I opened his text that said “Next time, wear the RED shoes! Xxxoo”   I smiled and went off to sleep with a huge smile on my face.

He was my first thought when my eyes opened the next morning I was hoping that everything that happened the night before wasn’t a dream.    Slowly, opening my eyes to my furniture pushed to one side of my bedroom, taped walls and spackled holes, it made the day before all come back in my mind… running errands, buying the shoes and of course spending the evening with Niceguy11.  

This morning started in a similar way like the day before, brewing the morning’s coffee, taking the dog out and looking outside to see the sunshine over the snowy white backyard.   Yet, everything seemed more ideal somehow, the coffee smelled better, the snow in the backyard seemed like it had a handful of diamonds tossed out over the snow, everything was just more beautiful somehow.  I sighed, feeling so happy, remembering him kissing me, us laughing together.  It was hard to believe that everything could be so different in just a 24 hour period of time.  I wouldn't even say I was smiling anymore, it was more like an ear to ear grin.

 After feeding the dog, starting a load of laundry and drinking the morning’s coffee, I head back up to work on my painting project.   Of course, I take a detour to check my phone.  I’m so ecstatic to see a text from Niceguy11, “Good morning, gorgeous!”.     I’m trying to debate the perfect thing to say  back.   After typing a few things that just sound too corny, I backspace through them and just say a simple “Good morning, baby”.   I tell myself I don’t want to make it look like I overdid it or anything… ya, that works...   He sends me back, “Happy painting”.  He knows I hate to paint so I know he is poking his elbow in my ribcage and I laugh at this teasing.

I’m ready to paint but distracted.   All my supplies are ready but still can't stop thinking of him.    I feel like a teenager, I check our horoscope signs to see if we are compatible  (I do this as I’m getting to know someone.  I know it’s silly, but I do it anyway.  I only put stock in what it says if i like the guy and the horoscope agrees that it's a good match. lol)   It says we are a good match sexually, but a long term relationship could be rocky.   Hmmmm…. I’m going to ignore that last part. 

I’m ready to get on my project and the day flew by because I was consumed with getting it finished. The fresh coat of paint makes everything feel new and even the smell triggers me to think of new beginnings.   This was my marital bedroom and hasn't been painted in more than 15 years, yikes it needed it!  It felt great to be making this my own and kept wondering if Niceguy11 would ever spend any time in here... hmmmm. 

Niceguy11 and I exchange flirty and sweet texts all day.  After a quick run to the grocery to stock up for lunches for the week, the boys come home and we share dinner before it’s time to get in the groove for the new week ahead.  Niceguy11 and I talk that night and set up a date for mid week this week, so it feels great knowing we will see each other soon.  I'm so excited to see where this goes and tell myself, "I'm sure there is no bloody axe in his trunk" or anything else to be concerned about. 


The Single Mom

Next time: A harried week, unexpected travel and unplanned "baggage" surfaces.

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