Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hot New Shoes & Hot New Man on a Cold Saturday Night...

Last post:  Reading through emails from the online dating site, lots of "interesting" guys, including a real witch and one nice guy, (Niceguy11)

Saturday morning’s first thoughts were about the creepy witch guy and those glaring eyes.   I must have been dreaming about him and my conscious was trying to kick in and make the vision of him disappear.  One more irrational thought slips in as I wonder if deleting his email triggered some kind of revenge spell and my dating life would be somehow cursed.  Nah, I tell myself I’m being irrational… plus could it possibly be a lot worse?    

As I go downstairs to start the day and the morning coffee, thoughts of the emails I traded last night with Niceguy11 fill me with happier thoughts.  The morning's coffee and thinking of him warms me up on this cold winter's morning.   I debate with myself to conjure up the nerve to call him.  I don’t want to seem pathetic but he did really seem sweet and genuinely interested in me.

The day’s plan includes a trip to Home Depot for paint and miscellaneous stuff to redo my bedroom.  (translation: making it look like a single girl sleeps here)   I’m hoping a fresh coat of paint, new curtains and rearranging the furniture will erase the bad memories made in this room during my marriage

I have a night out with friends tonight, so all in all it should be a really good Saturday.   I decide to check emails and Facebook before I hit the shower and start checking off my list for today.   I’m happily surprised to see an email from Niceguy11 that he sent late last night with sweet goodnight wishes.   He is really starting to get to me and maybe restore hope a little. 

As I’m online I get a text from my creepy long distance stalker.   He is right on schedule, a text just as I sign on… perfect.  I promise myself I’m going to start ignoring him and hope that it makes him stop eventually.  

I decide to text Niceguy11,  I send him a quick hello and good morning text just before I run into the shower.   When I get out of the shower, I have a text from him and he just keeps amazing me with how romantic he is.   He said “Good Morning, Beautiful.  I was just thinking of you.”   We exchange a few cute and flirty texts back and forth as I’m getting dressed for running Saturday errands.

As I’m getting into my car,  my phone rings and it is Niceguy11 calling me.  He says, “My thumbs are killing me, me can we just talk the old fashioned way?”   We both laugh and it gets the conversation off on a great foot.   It feels very comfortable and I’m really surprised how funny he is, this is really going great.  He teases me about going to Home Depot to try to meet men and we are playful back and forth.   He says, “This is really last minute, but I’d really love to meet you, are you doing anything tonight?”  I’m disappointed to say that I already have plans but I’d really like to meet him soon too.  

We end the conversation and I get my things at Home Depot for my project.  I’m still thinking about him and trying to temper my excitement about meeting him soon.  I have a sudden urge to go shoe shopping.  As I’m driving to the shoe store, I get a text from one of my friends about our plans for tonight.  One of her kids is sick and she and her husband are going to stay home tonight.  After a few more texts and a phone call, my friends all decide to try reschedule the dinner for next weekend. Since tonight’s plans have changed, I think that maybe it could work out for a date tonight with Niceguy11.

I decide to call him and explain that my plans for tonight are changing and would he like to meet me tonight after all.   He teases about being my “Plan B” and we make plans to meet at the wine bar at 7:00.   I’m being a little flirty as I’m trying on shoes asking him if I should get the black heels with the open toe or the red high heels.   He picks the red ones.  As I’m taking both pairs to the cashier, I ask him if I get to pick what he is going to wear.  He says he already knows but is going to surprise me.   

We end the conversation and even though I know I shouldn’t be, I’m absolutely giddy about meeting him.  I try to picture in my mind what to wear tonight with the red shoes and can’t decide.   Thinking over how funny and sweet he is just makes me so excited for tonight.  I’m singing along with the car radio like a dork, but I can’t help feeling excited.   When I get home I realize I got a text from him 20 minutes ago but didn’t hear it over the radio.  When I read, “I cannot wait to see you tonight!” I couldn’t fight a serious case of the warm fuzzies taking over my whole body.

I daydreamed my way through all of my Saturday chores, thinking of tonight and meeting Niceguy11.    I picked out the perfect outfit and spent a lot of time on my hair and makeup and choosing jewelry.  I didn’t want to look overdone, but just right.   Everything is exfoliated, shaved, polished, made up, shiny, pushed up and sucked in, lol.   He texted me that he has a table for us at the wine bar and should he order something to have waiting for me.   I text back “Surprise me, I’ll see you in 5 minutes.”

It feels like the 15 minute drive only took two minutes.  I couldn’t wait to meet him and although I’ve only known him for gosh a day, I totally felt comfortable.  Once I walked in, I recognized him right away.   He smiled a huge smile that instantly made me feel comfortable.   When he hugged me, he pressed his body hard against mine and I knew it was going to be a great night.   He was much more handsome than his pictures and he smelled so amazing.   As we sat down, I was obvious when I crossed my legs to get his attention.  He noticed right away that I wore the black shoes, not the red ones he chose.  I was being a little stubborn and just a little playful when I pointed out that I compromised by painting my toes red...


The Single Mom

Next time: More of the Saturday night with the Hot (&Nice) Guy and a random text from an ex...

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