Monday, January 31, 2011

The Second Date: The Red Shoes, Passion and... a Bad Decision?

Last post: Niceguy11 and I were getting to know each other after the excitement of our sexy first date.

After our first date, Niceguy11 and I continue to get closer and closer.   We text a lot throughout the days and try to talk every night.   He is a good listener and I feel safe telling him anything.    The week was a busy one for both of us, he had to go to the west coast unexpectedly for most of it.   We tried to keep in touch as much as we could.  The time zone did make it more difficult to actually talk.   

It’s kind of funny because when we did talk, it was about us and feeling out parameters of a relationship.  We talked about our kids and our work schedules, traveling, favorite dinners, even discussing house chores. 
However, when we text we get deep into “Dirtytown”.    It’s almost like having a conversation with another person or something.  Our texting goes into things like lingerie, orgasms, turn on’s etc.   These things really don’t come up when we are talking on the phone.  Why is intimacy so much easier via text?  Hmmm…
In our phone conversations, he brought up some drama he is having with his daughters.   One of them is angry at him for moving out and “breaking up their family”.   He is holding his tongue to protect her from the truth about his mom and her cheating.     She was really upset and blowing up his phone the night we were at the wine bar on our first date.  So, now I understood why he was so absorbed with his phone that night.  Being the great dad he is, I can tell how much this is truly upsetting him and I wish I could think of the right words to console him. 
His hotel room overlooks the beach and he sends me a picture to tease me.  I’m watching it snow again and expecting school to be closed tomorrow and the kids to be home from school (again!).   He complains about having to make small talk over a steak dinner at his business meeting while I’m eating leftover Spongebob Macaroni & Cheese out of the pan. I kinda want to punch him in the face… lol.
I’m really looking forward to our date this weekend, kissing him and feeling wanted again.  He teases me about the red shoes and I joke that I don’t think I have anything to wear them with.   Truth is I’ve known what I’m wearing for our date all week.  I have some khaki pants that I’ve picked out.  Every time I wear them I get random comments about my ass.    I have on a black sweater twinset that shows off the rack a little, but still tasteful.  I have the red heels, a red belt and purse to finish it all off.    
It felt great to get ready for a date and trade in my two layers of sweat pants and sweatshirts.   I straightened my hair, put on makeup and felt just right.   I couldn’t wait to see him and I know he really needed to unwind from the week.   Driving to the restaurant, I wondered if our chemistry would still be there or if it would feel different somehow.
We arranged to meet in the bar at our local Italian restaurant for dinner.   He had a vodka and cranberry waiting for me after texting me and pretending to be my personal cabana boy.   When I arrived, I was greeted with a construction worker like whistle, a really big hug and a long, almost too long kiss.   He noticed the shoes right away and he loved them.
I could see him visibly relaxing and he said something about how it felt good to not have to make small talk for a change over dinner.    As I ordered my steak, he joked about being sick of steak and ordered a seafood pasta dish.  We exchanged bites of each other’s dinner and flirted shamelessly all night.  He kept ordering me a fresh drink and I lost track of if I had 3 or 4.  
We shared the most delicious chocolate dessert, a flourless chocolate cake.  He playfully offered me the first bite and then took it away before putting it in my mouth.   I made intentionally long eye contact before I said, “I will remember that, and you WILL pay for it.”  He returned the long eye contact and I really wanted him to kiss me right then.
When dinner was over and I stood up, the drinks caught up to me.   I felt really relaxed but safe with him.    He offered we go back to his place, knowing I still had to get home at a relatively decent hour tonight.   We went back and turned on some music and just relaxed, kissing and ya, well just lots of kissing, everywhere.   This time it was me slowing things down, I wasn’t ready to sleep with him.  He agreed and said that he wanted more but didn’t want to take it further tonight.  We ended up dozing off in each other’s arms for a few minutes.  
When we awoke, he smoothed out my hair and drove me back to the restaurant and my car.    He made sure I was ok to drive and I assured him that I was.  He made me promise him to text him I got home safely and I said I would. 
Being in my cold car woke me up quickly and I drove the long way out of the parking lot to the main entrance and parking lot of the Irish Pub.   When I saw Putter’s car, my stomach dropped and my heart started thumping hard.  
(Read who Putter is in: "The first date: nervous jitters, little white lies and hot kisses.")
I tried to talk myself out of doing something stupid.   It sounded great in my head, but that just didn’t happen.
The Single Mom

Next:  Are the feelings over between Putter and me?



renae said...

you should have worn those red shoes, girl

singlemom said...

They are hot shoes, always wanted some just like them. He liked me teasing him with it, it was cute. He gave me a little spank on the butt, so I think he knew I was being flirty about it. :) Thanks for reading!