Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Single Mom's 11 Resolutions for '11

Resolutions  er... DARES for 2011

It's a new year & a fresh slate!  The Single Mom is excited about the new year despite 2010 ending in a crappy way... an unexpected job loss 2 weeks before Christmas and then getting dumped the next day was a sour ending of 2010.  The man in my life attained instant "Douchebag" status by dumping me right after telling him about my job loss. 

I about wanted to drive my car off of a cliff and I wallowed for a few days hardcore, miserable and pathetic.   "Putter" and I had a great relationship: fun, sexy and so much laughter... never a problem in sight.   The breakup was much worse than losing my job.  I reacted like any girl would -- I had a Friday Night Threesome... a threesome with Ben & Jerry that is. 

After the ice cream, crying and drunk texting I was feeling pretty sorry for myself and I decided that in the new year, I wasn't going to let a man make me feel that badly again.  I knew that if "Putter" couldn't stick with me through this that I was truly better off without him.   My girlfriends picked me back up and forced me to move on.  We spent our New Year's Day in our traditional way, drinking Bloody Mary's and pulling harmless pranks on our other friends (I know, really mature, huh?).  Being around my girlfriends and laughing again made me feel normal and that everything was going to work out in the end.

I also found this great book,  The Daring Female's Guide to Ecstatic Living: 30 Dares for a More Gutsy and Fulfilling Life Natasha Kogan.   It inspired me that I wasn't going to make resolutions this year, I was going to DARE myself instead to do new things.

Note: I haven't read the book yet, I wanted to keep an open mind before I made my list.  After I wrote this, I went to my bookstore and couldn't find it on the shelf.  This gave me the perfect excuse to talk to the hot salesperson at my bookstore that I've been checking out... ;)

Since last fall, I've lost 15 pounds and I'm feeling sassy, so it is time to reinvent myself from the inside out.   Here is my list of my New Year's Dares for 2011.   Some are things I've been wanting to do for a long time and some scare the hell out of me.   The list is about making me the best me, not about finding someone.  When I finish these, I'm going to add more.

I DARE myself to:

- only date (and sleep with) men who deserve my time
- try speed dating and other new dating methods
- redecorate my bedroom to make it sexier
- always put "Hos" (girlfriends) before "Bros"
- take a new sexy class each season
- approach hot guys with reckless abandon
- treat men exactly how they treat me
- have a fabulous party
- be the best version of me with or without a man
- don't let a man define me
- create a badass blog and write regularly about my funny dating escapades

That's MY list.   What are you daring yourself to do this year?


The Single Mom


Anonymous said...

Harmless prank? What did you do?

singlemom said...

Ok, well it was totally harmless I promise. Just to set this up we have one girlfriend in our group who has the perfect life, she is beautiful, has a hot & loving husband. They live with their 4 beautiful children in huge home. (do you hate her yet??? jk she is awesome!) So they were in Florida for New Years while we were in the freezing Midwest... so we went to their home armed with toilet paper, took a pic, sent it to them on their cell phones while they were on vacation... making them think we were tp'ing them... we did not but it could happen... ;)