Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Answering Your Emails

I got hammered today in with some emails on here, Facebook & Twitter.  I'm going to answer the question I got several times today,  I totally deserve your comments and they were right on.  I appreciate the feedback, both good and bad so thanks for calling me out!

Why would you start talking again to Putter?  You met a great guy and Putter already hurt you once.  Why give him another chance?

I can't argue at all with this.   It's so right and I'm trying to sort out my feelings.   Getting close to Niceguy11 brought up the feelings I had when I was getting to know Putter.  I don't know if you've ever had a death, but you think you're healed until you find something that reminds you of that person and triggers a memory.  It can be a song, or a smell or an object, etc.  I hope you understand.  It also isn't fair to Niceguy11 if I move forward with him knowing these feelings are still there.  Rebounding too fast is why I'm in this mess anyway, so I'm trying to be smarter.

I also don't want to have animosity with someone.  It's honestly good to be patching up the fence between Putter and me, even if we never see each other again or speak.  I want peace and we really didn't have that.

There is a lot going on in Niceguy11's life that I haven't been able to write about yet, so he has been a little distant too.  I did tell him the truth about these buried feelings for Putter, so he does know.

The last question is the picture.  No that's not my rack - mine is bigger.  LOL  :)

I have a question for YOU:  Have you ever made a bad decision about a relationship because the sex was just too damned good? 

More tomorrow... it will crack you up, I promise.

Thanks for reading!


The Single Mom

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