Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Making Putter Shudder (Part Two) {Adult Content}

Our mouths met again in a long kiss, our bodies tightly woven together.    His kisses went from my mouth to my neck and then to my collarbone.  He breathed in deeply and exhaled while he said, “Mmmm vanilla.  God I forgot how good you smell! Mmmmm.”    My hands were on his shaved head as his kisses gently made a trail on my collarbone and then down to the top of my cleavage. 
He abruptly stopped what he was doing, caught himself and said, “This isn’t healthy.  Maybe we shouldn’t…”   I said, “Healthy, schmealthy” and pulled off his boxer briefs while I kissed him.
Putter stood facing me looking at me, his eyes went directly to my breasts.     He told me to take off my blouse, so I did slowly, intentionally… pulling it up and over my head to expose my black lacy bra.  His hands began exploring my breasts and playfully tugging at the lacy bra covering them,   He planted lingering kisses on my shoulders and neck.   Then he took a couple steps around me, now standing behind me.   

I stood there silently while Putter kissed my shoulders and neck his hands moved my from breasts down to the front of my pants.  His fingers lightly grazed me and gave me chills.    His left hand gathered my hair into a ponytail, so he could move my hair to the side and gently kiss this newly exposed skin.   His right hand explored my round bottom.     We both made a  mmmm sound at the exact same time and we were both enjoying this very much.  
He then said, “Mmmmm let me see that ass, baby.”    I unfastened my dress pants and slowly and gently tugged at them, exposing flesh an inch at a time.    His hands were now on my ass and I slowly bent over under the guise of picking up my pants off the floor to give him a prime view. 
His hands were all over my silky panties now exposed solely for his enjoyment.   He was content feeling every inch of the smooth fabric and the way it felt under his hand, his finger traced up the line in the middle of my ass  and then he pressed his body tightly against me.   This feeling of his bare body so close against mine again, made me gasp.  His fingers unfastened my bra as his hands moved to cup my breasts while my bra fell to the floor.    
My back was pressed tightly against him as he had one hand on each breast, caressing them gently and playfully.   My head was resting on his shoulder as I gathered my hair and threw it behind me and over his shoulder.    This movement released the familiar scent of the sugary hair perfume I wear and it triggered a memory for him.    The smell is a mixture of sugary cotton candy, and it combines so well with my vanilla body perfume to combine an edible and fleshy aroma.    (I just don’t play fair do I? lol)
The next 2 hours or so were a blur long awaited desires finally being met.  Putter gushed, “Wow I remembered that you were good, but this is way better than I remembered.”   I enjoyed giving him pleasure and he enjoyed doing it for me also.    My body reacts to him unlike any other man and I cannot explain it.    There is something about the fusion of our bodies that creates an unusual reaction in me.  I’m going to stop there because I don’t want to get graphic, but just suffice it to say that we have an incredible sexual connection.  
He was unselfish and more loving than he had ever been.   I cannot explain it and I’m trying not to overthink it because I could construe it to mean something that it does not.  So, for the moment I’m just viewing it as a wonderful experience.    He did go out of his way to give me extreme pleasure several times and after the last one he said, “You deserve it baby, enjoy.”
I think we were both expecting this to be an amazing reunion, but I think it far exceeded any of our wildest dreams.    I know I didn’t expect to feel so loved and cared for, yet I cannot let myself dwell on that.    He was careful to talk about his feelings for me and his lack of readiness for a relationship, to not hurt my feelings.   I have to be satisfied with that and set my own boundaries for myself.   
He started to say something while we were getting dressed about it again and I put my finger to his lip and said shhhh….   He teased me about being mean to him in the past and dared me to not text him for 7 days, he said, “I bet you can’t”.   So that’s all I need is someone to tell me I can’t do something, it’s as good as done at that point.  I teasingly said back to him, “Don’t call me, we just had some fun don't go getting attached to me" and laughed.  He did too because he knows I have feelings for him. 
I went in to collect my things and get dressed.  My phone had been blowing up the whole time, and I innocently said “Who’s Joe?” after reading my call log.  He laughed, and called me a player.  (hardly)   He walked me to the door and we shared a sweet and romantic goodbye kiss before I left.  My heels clicked loudly on each one of the wooden steps announcing my departure. 
I drove home with a huge smile on my face, inhaled the smell of his cologne lingering on my sweater, eyed the full moon (sweet, the full moon is the perfect excuse!) and listened to our song, Bruno Mars Just The Way You Are.
Oh her eyes, her eyes
Make the stars look like they’re not shining
Her hair, her hair
Falls perfectly without her trying
She’s so beautiful
And I tell her every da

mmmmmmmm.... Was it good for you?  Big smiles...
The Single Mom

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