Monday, February 21, 2011

My Past with "Rockstar" (Part 5): Who Was My Secret Texter and How Would Rockstar Explain Himself?

From the last post...
The second text said,  “Hello, I said who is this?”  
The third said “I asked you a question, who the f___ is this!”
By the time I got the last text, I was pissed.   I said something back sharply, like “Who is THIS - you’re texting me.  I’m sure you have the wrong number, so please stop.” 
The text back just said, “I have the right number.  I know all about YOU.”

“What do you know about me?”  I demanded in a text.  I then immediately sent another text, “How did you get my number? Who is this?” I demanded.    The texter identified herself as someone who is in a relationship with Rockstar.    “I went through his phone I know about a lot about you”, she added.  
She asked me my name again.
“Who are YOU?” I asked again.  
She simply replied back, “Someone who doesn’t want what happened to me happen to you.”   I wasn’t satisfied with this answer at all - in fact, it irritated me that she wouldn’t tell me her name. 
“I don’t believe you” I texted back.  I added, “If you won’t tell me your name then leave me the hell alone.”
I didn’t know if I should be mad or scared but really, I was both.   I checked texts from stop light to stop light, my heart pounded in my chest.    I was confused, and asked myself why would he have put so much time into trying to win me back if he was seeing someone else?  It didn’t make sense at all.    Why would he hurt me?  Why would he do this?   Or, could I even believe her?  Who was she?
The answers  weren’t going to really change anything because I hadn’t exactly decided to be with him or not right now.  However, I had to know how he would answer me.   Someone was lying to me and I had to understand what was happening.
I had to ask him, I had to know NOW.   Although it was late, I dialed his number and inhaled deeply while it rang.  He picked up my call quickly and said, “Hi baby. I miss you.  I knew you’d eventually call.” 
I was aware how bitchy I sounded when I said, “Don’t call me baby.  I need to know why some woman is texting me telling me she is your girlfriend.”   
He answered quickly, “What???  I don’t have a girlfriend. I’m sure it is a wrong number.  Forget it, I’m sure it’s nothing.   When can I see you?”
I totally ignored him and I said,  “You are free to do what you want because I’m not seeing you but I don’t know why you’d put me through something like this.”
He responded by saying, “Ignore this person and it will stop, I’m sure.  You’re giving her exactly what she wants.   So just stop texting and so will stop texting you, she's playing a game.    There isn’t anyone else, I love you and even though you aren’t mine yet, I’m waiting for you to realize I’m different now.  You will see.  Now just go to bed, forget this and see me soon, ok baby?”
I’d forgotten how much I loved hearing him call me baby and he knew it really got to me.   Hearing his voice again wore down my defenses a little and I really wanted to believe that he wouldn’t lie to me, regardless of if I’d ever want to see him again.   Even though I was undecided about being with him again, he and I shared this really intense closeness that I missed.   I could tell him anything and he knew me really well.    
I regained the control of my emotions enough to keep my voice clear and direct.   I said, “Well I really want to believe you, but I don’t know why someone would do this to me and how they got my number.”
What he said next, was predictable… “Who are you going to believe ME or some random person who is messing with you?”  (I thought to myself, loaded question… you did blow me off for Valentine’s Day and break my heart…)  He then went on to ask me, “What number is this coming from?”  I replied, “555-3732”.    He assured me it was probably nothing and to forget about it and go to bed.    

Although I went to bed, it took a long time to fall asleep and it was a restless night.  When my alarm went off in the morning, there was another text from her, “Why did you tell him?  You BITCH!”

Next time in the Rockstar Series: Who was she?  What was her story?


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