Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Past with "Rockstar" (Part 2): Remembering My First Date with My Old Flame, Rockstar (Adult Content)

Last post, I have plans for Valentine's Day to see my old flame, "Rockstar".  We've been through ups and downs and after about 2 months of him pursuing me, I've finally agreed to spend Valentine's Day with him.    The last post was part one of our first date and this is how the hot summer night ended...

His hands grabbed both sides of my face, holding me to him while he kissed me hard.    I felt his hands move down over my chest and he tugged up my shirt to expose my breasts.   I was wearing a sexy, black lace bra and I could tell he was excited.  He gently traced around the lace with his finger and kissed the edges where the fabric stopped as he reached around and unhooked it from the back.  He slid the straps off my shoulders and kissed my bare breasts.
After a few minutes, we were gazing deeply into each other’s eyes intensely.   Without saying a word, I stood up and pulled him by the hand gently and walked toward my bedroom, unzipped my skirt and walked out of it as it dropped it on the floor.    He followed me and we stood silently just looking at each other and touching.  I tugged the bottom of his polo shirt up over his head exposing his hairy chest.   I knew how much he hated being so hairy and I made a special point to tell him how sexy he was as I ran my hands and mouth over his skin.     
We both knew what was about to happen and he whispered, “Are you sure” knowing my “third date rule” and trying to respect it.   At this moment, the word “rule” seemed too harsh; “guideline” seemed like a much better word right now.  I simply nodded silently and started kissing him more passionately.    With my eyes closed, my hearing became really acute, listening to him breathing and the random explosions of fireworks far away in the distance as we kissed.
His skin was salty and it felt so right to kiss him and have my hands all over him.  Although I’d had a few glasses of wine and didn’t plan on sleeping with him tonight, I was making a completely rational decision. 
My fingers struggled trying to open the metal button to take off his shorts - he was more than happy to help me open it.    They fell quickly to the floor as did his boxer briefs with just a little tug down from me.  He was so sexy standing there in my bedroom, the darkness still allowed most of his body to show and I tried to not be obvious checking him out.  (I said tried, lol)   As we made love, we continued kissing, looking into each other’s eyes and there was not a moment of doubt whether this was the wrong move.   I was a little surprised with myself because this was the first time I’d ever done this so soon, but it felt like I’d known him forever and that both of us had already started falling for each other.    I felt completely connected to him as our bodies moved together.

He slept so soundly which was very unusual for him.   Waking up next to him and seeing him next to me felt so natural, he already felt like a fixture.    It was surreal looking over at the real man who for more than a few weeks was just a photograph in my mind.  Seeing him sleep and watching his chest move up and down while he rested comfortably was an extremely peaceful feeling.
I drifted back to sleep for an hour or so and woke up with his arms holding me tightly in his sleep.     We both were starting to wake up slowly as he kissed my neck while holding me in his arms.  He gently kissed my back and we made love all over again.
We got up and had to get our day started, but we were both moving slowly.   He picked up the beer bottles and my wine glass from the night before as I got dressed.  Since this was a holiday weekend, I had plans with my kids and had to take “Rockstar” back home.     
This hot summer night was the first date of a relationship that would change my life and give me a lot of highs and lows.   After all the time that has passed, I couldn't believe I was finally going to see him again on Valentine’s Day.  It seemed like everything was FINALLY coming around full circle the way I dreamed it would... but would it?


The Single Mom

Next post:  How would The Single Mom and Rockstar spend Valentine's Day after being apart so long?

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