Friday, February 4, 2011


"I was hoping the old man who emailed me thought that 'friends with benefits' was a healthcare plan."

"Havin' a threesome with Ben & Jerry..."

"Texting: Maintaining dysfunctional relationships 140 characters at a time."

"You'd be better off taking marital advice from Tiger Woods than to take relationship advice from me."

Dirtytown - Going to a dirty place verbally or via text, email.  I am often the "Mayor of Dirtytown" ;)

"What do you call mixing dysfunctional people and computers?  Online Dating!"

"He had more baggage than a Samsonite factory."

"A lot couples file for divorce after the holidays.. Woo hoo, fresh men on the dating scene, Happy New Year to me!"

"Just because you order us the Sampler Platter at Applebees on our first date, it isn't a down payment to feel my rack in the parking lot."


The Single Mom

Next post... What happens this weekend?  Do I see Putter?  Niceguy11?  ... a new guy with a Porsche... maybe...   

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