Friday, February 25, 2011

Thank you!!

Thank you for reading so much, it’s really crazy to have 1000 pageviews in a just a little over a month, from literally all over the world.   I’m so grateful to everyone who has visited here to find out the latest about my ridiculous love life or train wreck, whatever.     The Single Mom’s Dating Diary has been likened to a mixture of Bridget Jones and the Sex and the City Women.  I’m humbled beyond words at this comparison, wow.
I’d really like to thank Susan from CA who found me on Facebook and told her girlfriends about my blog, she encourages me all the time.   Anita from PA has also become a best girlfriend to me from all this. She keeps me laughing and always is rootin for me.  Terri from MN was the first woman to find me and I can’t tell you how much it meant to me. Thanks also to Nickkeedee who sent a lot of people my way.  I’m so grateful for these incredible women, they have encouraged me every step of the way.   There were days when I thought, “Why am I doing this?” and I’d get an email from someone that they either cracked up laughing or had tears because they’d been in my shoes before. (red shoes of course, girls!).  Huge Smooches to all of you!   
I don’t have a ton of fans (fans - it sounds crazy to say) on Facebook yet, but we do interact a lot.  I get an email from one reader who pokes me if it’s 1:00 in the afternoon and I haven’t posted yet.   I love that people have followed it and want to know what happens next.   I have about 10 times more peeps on Twitter, not sure why, but it seems like so much less “commitment”, I’m grateful for anyone who digs what I’m trying to do.
Also, an incredible thanks to Darla, the artist who created the drawing of The Single Mom.  Obviously, she brought me to life for you, but it goes way beyond that.  She believed in me and my crazy dream, so wherever this dream goes, she’s a HUGE part of it.   She is an incredible artist, she can create gifts and objects that will make your home more beautiful.  Awesome doesn’t even begin to describe her work.  Her site is:  Check her out, she is so talented!
I’d also like to thank MB for mentoring me and my writing.  She’s a “real” writer who is published every month to elite readers.   She encouraged me and my loco writing dream and I’m so grateful for her gentle nudge.
I’d also like to thank my many real life girlfriends, there have been a couple who have held me up and they know who they are.  Without them, I’d be toast and I appreciate them every day, not just in blogtown.   I’d also like to thank “Kincaid” because he inspired me and has been one of my best friends along this little journey to blogtown. 
I’m blessed with two incredible sons who inspire me and make me laugh everyday.   I’m raising them to be good men they are the very best blessings I could have asked for.    I don’t want to write about them a lot because of their privacy, but I wouldn’t have made it without them lifting me up.    Gratitude also to my original writing mentor, my mom up in heaven watching me.  She would have loved this blog and been hooked.
There is so much more to do, we have so many more laughs ahead of us and so many more men to meet.    This blog has become not my quest to find a man, it’s been a quest to find ME.    Maybe this little bloggie poo will go somewhere and people like Susan can say, “Ya, I was the first one to tell ya’ll about The Single Mom’s Dating Diary”… when she takes all of her girlfriends to the movie premiere… 
Big smooches!
The Single Mom


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shoutout. You are a great writer, everyone should be reading you!

singlemom said...

Wow, Nikkeedee! Thanks, I don't know if I'd say "great" I have a lot to work on, but I'm dusting off the long forgotten writing dream and chasing it. If nothing else to connect with other incredible role models like yourself! Thanks for your words, now I'll have to grow to fit into them. ;)