Thursday, March 17, 2011

Answering your Questions about Rockstar and.... Where Are They Now?

Thank you for all of your interest in the Rockstar series, I'm truly glad you enjoyed reading it.   I received so much positive support about it and a whole lot of questions. 

This happened about this time last year, so the dust has settled.   The number one question I've been asked was do you still hear from him?    The answer is yes.   Without going into too much detail, he owed me money -  a significant amount.  He paid it back and we had a huge heart to heart.  He also gave some gifts to my kids as an olive branch.  I thought for a second that this experience changed him, it did not. 

After he paid me back and we talked, we were friends again on IM and had some conversations back and forth.  I abruptly ended contact last fall when I just realized it wasn't worth it to me.    I heard from him at Christmas and I didn't really get into having a conversation with him.  He gave me his new number and asked me to text him.  I didn't. 
For this story, I Googled him and I wish I was making this up but I'm not... he is on a dating site looking for wealthy women.   Go figure.

He tried to tell me that he was just with The Third Woman waiting for me to be available and it was just a part of his life's routine.  From talking to her so much, I didn't believe it at all.   There were times going through all of this that I doubted if she was telling me things so I'd lose interest in him.   At times, I didn't know who to trust, so in the end I'm better off without any of them.

The Third Woman and he did date again after all of this.  I honestly don't know how long or if they still are.  She and I don't talk anymore, once she took him back, she blamed me for making him upset about repaying me.   

The Mystery Texter stopped texting me back after that night.  It was really odd, but I understand. 

It's honestly better being away from it all and keeping a distance and writing off my friendship with Rockstar.   I have more than enough friends and once I evaluated it objectively, it was easy to let go of him.   He was in my life during many pivotal times and knew me really well, yet it was more harmful having him around in the present. 

I didn't want to publish this story because it made me look like a total dumbass.  Yet, I heard from so many women and men who said, "I did that too, so many times.  I don't know why I took her/him back time after time."   If anything, it made me human.   

Having this series finished is a huge relief too.  I cannot explain it better than to say that writing about him gave him real estate in my brain.  I hated having him live there even for this.  I listened to our music, looked at pictures of us and went to our special places just to write this story with more emotion.  I can tell you the emotions overlapped in my real life.   I know I trust the current man I'm seeing a little less because I was reliving this.  He and I talked about it and he completely understands.

I'm humbled that I've touched people and entertained people with this story.   It was a huge learning experience and I've been very different since.    In some ways, I'm better for all of this, some I'm worse.  But, I'm trying to make sense of all of this and improve myself along the way.   That's all any of us can do, really is to learn from our mistakes and keep getting up off the mat to fight another day. 

Thank you again for reading and thank you for the feedback!


The Single Mom


Just Call Me Frank said...

Well...we did not know you were seeing someone! *shocked expression* how could you not tell us!


We're glad you learned something, love. It's the only good part of bad and painful things, isn't it?

Now. Dish about this new guy!!

Your #TwitterWoman,

singlemom said...

Thanks, love. Southerngent is a great man, I'm just being more cautious than normal, smart no doubt. Thank you for reading!#bigtwittersmooches

Anonymous said...

The rockstar never went on any website to look for wealthy women.