Monday, March 7, 2011

Facebook + Dating = Awkward Situations ~ Update

“Did you have sex with him?” 
Her text came to me about two hours after our phone conversation.   I told her about my short relationship with her off and on again boyfriend.  (now off, but that could change again…) 
She and I talked about how I saw him for a short amount of time, fell hard for him fast and he made tracks, probably scared.    That was a few years ago now, so water under the bridge today.   She also told me that he had also dated another one of her girlfriends.  Yikes.  When she asked him about her, he didn’t remember… (hmmm... ok... The Single Mom rubs chin…)
I thought I did the right thing by giving him the chance to tell her for himself.  He didn’t do that and almost 2 months have passed.    When she invited me to a party that he would probably also be attending, I knew I had to say something.
I also waited until they broke up so I wouldn’t start a problem for them.  I didn’t want to cause any unnecessary tension between them.  I also didn’t want it to look like I wanted them broken up so I could be with him again.  It wasn’t even a thought in my head.
She swore it didn’t bother her that I’d dated him when we talked about it on the phone.   It wasn’t a big deal, she added. 
Her text told me a different story.
So, a few days have passed and no word.  Maybe I’m making more of it than I should.  Please tell me what you think... would you want to know if one of your girlfriends had dated your boyfriend in the past?   Would it be better if he told you than her?    I just think it looks like he’s trying to cover something up… I’ll be really curious to know what you think... am I making way too much out of it?


The Single Mom

This week… more from the Rockstar story… the secret texter and what happens next…. plus I'm growing closer to Southerngent...

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