Monday, March 14, 2011

My Past with "Rockstar" (part 10): Making Him Squirm...

Catching you up:  "Rockstar" was someone from my past, on and off for about 4 years.   He had broken my heart several times, the last one Valentine's Day 2010 when he stood me up.  Shortly after that another woman (Secret Texter)  started texting me telling me she had been seeing him.  She also told me there was another woman, (The Third Woman).    The Third Woman and I started talking and she couldn't make a decision about whether she should be with him or not.   His dishonestly through the years was finally catching up with him as I uncovered many of his lies.  The Third Woman was starting to see through him too, we even talked about creating a fake dating profile just to see what he would say to us.  Before that we decided to have some fun with him...

The Third Woman and I ended our conversation as she was pulling into her driveway, ironically Rockstar was inside waiting for her unaware of everything.    Our goodbyes were filled with shallow laughter that was masking layers of sadness for both of us.  She told me she would talk to me tomorrow when she had privacy and she wasn’t going to make any decisions quickly.
I waited for her to call me the next day and the conversation was quite awkward.  Her feelings for him were pulling her in different directions.  She tried to convince herself that I was somehow lying or there was another explanation that we both hadn’t thought of.   Basically, she was being foolish much like I had been, trying to give him every reasonable chance. 
The Third Woman described the same sinking feeling when she saw his active profile on the dating site for herself.  Seeing it with her own eyes made it more real to her and made the truth more difficult to ignore.  However, she still was holding onto a shred of denial, trying to make all of this add up differently.  She kept going from one extreme to the other, one minute saying that she shouldn’t be so stupid and the next moment saying how much she loved him.  
She and I talked every day.  Some days she sounded like she wanted to leave him and others she wasn’t so convinced.  It was an awkward position for me because really what could I say?  If I told her she was being stupid and she should leave him, I would have looked like a hypocrite and maybe like I was trying to break them up.   If I told her to stay with him I’m giving her advice I wouldn’t believe in.  So, I tried to just take on the role of listener and friend. 
It was an odd dynamic because we had so much in common and shared so much of our feelings about him, she felt like a girlfriend.  Yet, I was also "competition" in her eyes and she tried to play this game like "he loves me more".  Frankly, I couldn’t care less, I'd already made peace with it and had moved on to being mad.
Other days, however she saw other holes in their relationship.  She and I talked about how he’d never introduced us to his family and how he was evasive whenever a conversation like that came up.  He also didn’t especially get along with one of her teenage daughters and gave her parenting advice.  So, for her to receive parenting advice from someone who couldn’t even be trusted to water houseplants over the weekend, it pissed her off.
On Saturday morning of that week both of them texted me somewhat early. He started texting me because he couldn’t sleep, and he wanted to talk dirty with me.  She started texting me later that morning that they were going to the City Center Mall that day.  She and I were joking that I should make him think I was there too.  At first I thought it crossed the line, but then when I realized that he was trying to get me to have a sexual conversation with him while he was in her house, I was pissed. 
I asked him what he was doing that day and when he lied to me that he was taking his parents out to lunch with bonus money, it only added fuel to my fire.  Earlier in the week he shared how he was excited that he got a bonus and was going to buy some things at the Apple store.
She and I planned it all out, that she was going to text me when they went to the Apple store. She also told me all the stores he was planning to go to for his all day hopping spree.   I asked her what he was wearing to have more details.   As soon as they got to the mall, he made a beeline to the Apple store.   According to her,  he was extremely affectionate that day and was like a kid in a candy store excited about buying his new toys.
I on the other hand was at my son’s basketball game on the other side of town, with no intentions of going close to the City Center Mall.  I waited until he was just getting ready to buy everything until I texted him.  I said: 


The Single Mom
Gosh, I would swear you have a twin… I’m at the City Center Mall and I could have SWORN I just saw you.

The Third Woman
OMG!!   He just put everything down and went to the back of the store to text you.

Nope not me, I’m with my parents having lunch, remember? Ttyl, baby.


The Third Woman
He looks SO nervous, lmao!


The Single Mom
No, I remember but it looked just like you and your faded Metallica t-shirt. 

The Third Woman
This is cracking me UP!   He just told me his mom is sick and we might have to leave.   He looks like he is going to throw up!

The Single Mom (to "Rockstar")
I had to run to return my kids shoes, I’m headed back to the Apple store anyway, I was gonna buy you a little surprise.

You are so sweet, what were you going to get me?  Sorry I can’t talk now, I’ll talk to you after lunch, ok?

The Third Woman
OMG, I’m texting you from the bathroom.  He put down everything he was going to buy and told me we had to leave, NOW.  I told him I had to go to the bathroom first.

The Single Mom
That is hilarious!!  He hasn’t said anything in a few minutes.

The Third Woman
I was dying laughing, we were on the escalator and he kept looking around for you, he was so nervous.  I made sure I was holding his hand the entire time.  OMG, this is so fun!

This was just the beginning of our fun…

The Single Mom


Anonymous said...

You are bad! I would have loved to see this guy sweat...hahaha

singlemom said...

Hehe... isn't it a little naughty?? It was fun, but he deserved much more than he got, sadly... keep reading... :)