Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Past with "Rockstar" (part 11): The Finale, Our Sweet Revenge on Rockstar

Catching you up:  "Rockstar" was someone from my past, on and off for about 4 years.   He had broken my heart several times, the last one Valentine's Day 2010 when he stood me up.  Shortly after that another woman (Secret Texter)  started texting me telling me she had been seeing him.  She also told me there was another woman, (The Third Woman).    The Third Woman and I started talking and she couldn't make a decision about whether she should be with him or not.   His dishonestly through the years was finally catching up with him as I uncovered many of his lies.  The Third Woman was starting to see through him too, we even talked about creating a fake dating profile just to see what he would say to us.  Before that we decided to have some fun with him by making him think that I saw him with The Third Woman at the mall being cozy together.  We then make our final plans to even the score.

The Third Woman told me that she continued to have fun with him on the way home.  Apparently, his mom was miraculously better and he didn’t have to go see her after all.   She made a point to question him a lot about his texting at the mall and he used his mom being sick as the reason he was so intently texting.  
When they got back home he went straight to the Jack Daniels, from her account he was noticeably shaken.  She immediately went to her bedroom to text me.  We were laughing about it, but I could tell she was hurting under it all too.   She told me in a way she was jealous of me because something always brought him back to me all these years.   I told her not to be jealous in the least because he hurt me every time.

We texted back and forth for a few hours, sharing a lot of feelings.  Even though I couldn’t hear her voice I knew she was upset coming to the realization that he had lied to her so much.  She said she started feeling suspicious on Valentine’s Day when he left in the middle of the day “to watch his cousin’s kids so they could go out to dinner”.   Evidently that was when he left to go see the Mystery Texter (the first woman who texted me letting me know everything).   I live across the city from the three of them, so he may have intended to make me one of his stops that day, but the weather was truly awful.  In retrospect, it didn’t matter and It was time to put all of this in the past.
The memories of the past 4 years on and off with him flashed through my mind.  I was coming to accept mourning the loss of our future together, but I now had to let go of someone I truly considered a best friend.  We im’d most every day, several times a day and since he rarely slept, I could practically reach him anytime I needed him.  He was one of just a few men who’d ever met my kids and my friends.   In fact, it caused a huge commotion one time a couple of summers after meeting him when we were seen at a summer festival together in my little Mayberry community.  I knew he truly cared about me, maybe even loved me but he had major issues and I could never trust him again.
That day I felt myself separate myself from him and it was really hard to explain but it felt like he missed me.   The Third Woman told me that he was cranky all night, drinking and listening to music in the dark. 
She and I decided we’d create a fake online dating profile and see what he would say. I advised her to ask him straight up if he was still on the site, which he adamantly denied.   That lie made all of this part much easier to stomach.  I used a picture of me from Halloween a couple of years before.  I was wearing a black wig and it was kind of blurry.    My face wasn’t recognizable but it was an attractive picture overall.  
When I wrote the profile, I created practically an ideal woman for him.   A woman who loved rock, soccer, older, had some money and seemed laid back in general.  It was actually fun creating the profile.  When I read through the wording, it almost seemed too obvious.   What if he got suspicious and saw through all of this?   I couldn’t worry about it, I baited the trap and then set it.   Now, all I'd have to do was to wait.
Monday morning, he got on the dating site as The Third Woman went to work, like clockwork.   Immediately, he sent a wink.  I texted The Third Woman as soon as it came in.  I know she was secretly hoping that he wouldn’t talk to her but he did.  A few minutes later he sent a breezy email very similar to the first one he sent to me with an invitation to instant message.   Ironically, he sent me a text in the middle of all this activity: “Hi baby, what did you get me at the Apple store?”  What an ass! 
I almost felt bad about tricking him like this, almost.   I knew him inside and out and pushed all of his buttons: music, soccer and sex.   While I was instant messaging him, I was sending texts to The Third Woman updating her about what he said.  She wanted me to ask him directly if he was single, and he said emphatically “yes”.    
He said he really wanted to meet me and I wasn’t going to string this along; that would be cruel.  So The Third Woman and I had our plan in place to have him meet us at the bar that he went to several times a week, the one where everyone knew him, and The Third Woman too.  He suggested to the pretend profile girl that she meet him there for a drink as their first date. 
So, that night I borrowed a phone from a friend so I could text him from a different number, told him I was running a few minutes late (as the pretend profile girl) and to order me a beer.
He was at the bar already, The Third Woman was in the bathroom and knew exactly when to come out.   I came in and acted surprised to see him sitting at the bar, sat down and ordered a drink, hugging him.  He acted happy to see me but was visibly nervous because he was waiting on the pretend profile girl.   He had little drops of sweat beading on his forehead and used the back of his hand to wipe it off, still trying to be casual.

Fortunately, I had the borrowed phone on vibrate because he texted her, “Hey this place is busy, can we meet somewhere else?”…  trying to get out of this sticky situation. 
He told me he couldn’t stay because he was on his way to a meeting but we had to see each other soon.   I hugged him and he kissed me quickly on the mouth,  saying “It’s sooooo good seeing you baby.  When can we do something?”
The Third Woman came out of the bathroom right on cue and saw him kiss me and acted shocked to see him.   She said, “Who is this and why did you just kiss her?”  His mouth fell wide open when he saw her and he absolutely did not know what to do.   “Wait, I can explain” he tried to say to both of us over and over again.    We both said, “Forget it just get the hell out of here!”   We were all being somewhat loud and the entire bar was looking at the three of us and watching the scene that was unfolding in front of their eyes.

He quickly left and the bartender bought us celebratory shots as the entire bar erupted in applause. 

He had another surprise waiting for him in the parking lot.  While he was inside the bar, the Mystery Texter (another one of his girlfriends at the same time as us) was “decorating” his car.  She used wash off temporary paint to write “cheater” “asshole” and “douchebag” all over his car.  She wanted to be a part of the plan, but didn’t want to face him.

She came into the bar and we all hugged each other, cried and high fived each other.   We celebrated and drank one last shot “To Rockstar” and clinked our glasses together in unity.

The End


The Single Mom


James Marriott said...

I think he got away lightly. But so glad you are (hopefully) shot of him (haven't checked a head yet to see if he crops up again).

singlemom said...

He did, there's a little more to the story than I could print, but yes he is gone forever. I don't even talk to him as a friend anymore. Yay, me!