Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Putter Reads my Blog, What Does He Say?

Oh, snap!  What’s the address for my blog???    Geeez.. how do I answer Putter?   He’s known about it since the beginning and was nice about it.  He never really cared about it enough to know about it.  I was good with that, I fulfilled my moral responsibility of telling him about it and he didn’t care so I could check that box.     I just Googled myself (it was HOT, hehe)… anyway now that my blog isn’t invisible anymore, I had to let him know.   (In case news crews were parked outside of his residence and reporters had microphones in his face on his way out to get the paper…lol.)  
That was “dream sequence #1”.

My second thought was yikes, “He’s really gonna read what I’ve written about him. SHIT Sticks! “ 
This was like the episode of the Brady Bunch where the rival team got the other team’s playbook.  (So not Groovy, do ya dig it?)  … sorry to go “all Brady on ya” but I had to.

This section of the piece is written by Captain Obvious:
You (The Single Mom) are writing a blog that exposes your business on the internet for anyone to read.  Including those you are writing about (duh).  So, you knew someday he would read your innermost thoughts and really what were you thinking?  Whining about it now seems really disingenuous and rather foolish.   Do you really expect your intelligent and sophisticated (sucking up) readers to feel sorry for you?

So, thanks to that little ”Come to Jesus “ talk from Captain Obvious it was time to (wo) manup.  
Quick what did Greg (from the Brady Bunch – to all my young readers) do?  (WWGD?  No doesn’t work does it??? Nah…)
Stalling, I went to my trusty laptop and checked out what I wrote about him.    I stand behind what I’ve said.  There wasn’t anything that really called him out.   However, I didn’t like him knowing my deepest thoughts and that it was hard to get over him.   (But I TOTALLY am now…of course)
When I was a little girl, I had a diary.  Seriously one of my day’s entries was getting a bicentennial half dollar.  My junior high diary had scandalous entries like who I danced with at the Freshman dance and what song was playing (I’m not lying). These childhood diaries were carefully hidden and protected under lock and key from the peering eyes of my big brother.   
In contrast, my dating diary includes things that go just a little above Jr. High slow dancing… truthfully, maybe somewhere between Jr. High slow dancing and a raunchy porno.   So, I’m putting this diary out for anyone to read.  (What AM I thinking?)   
I gave him the address to the site and inhaled deeply for about the next hour or so until I heard from him.    The only thing he teased about was that I described him as a blue collar worker.  Honestly, I don’t give a rat’s ass about stuff like that.  If you have a job and are a good person, that means more to me than anything.   He is a good person and I have a lot of respect for him, so I’m pretty sure he knew this wasn’t a jab at all. 
Actually, he really liked it.  I don’t want to make it seem like I’m bragging (because I would never do that – sarcasm)… but he seemed to genuinely enjoy reading it.   He went on to say I am “gifted” at it.  This gave me the obvious lead in to say, we know I have 2 talents, hehe.   Putter has a great sense of humor and he knows enough of my weird sense of humor that he gets it.   Whew!    He has a new nickname for ME now, “Hollywood”.  I react with an eye roll and a “whatever” when I hear it, but it’s cute.    It’s sweet and his way to give me his thumbs up. 
Happy ending? Maybe… stay tuned to your favorite blog.
The Single Mom


Double Your Dating said...

You have very close relation with putter. Such that you both are knowing each other from long time because this could lead to the knowing each other talent in better way.

singlemom said...

Thanks for reading! You may be right but for today we are just friends. He wants something very different than I do. Only time will tell, right? Thank you for your comment, it's great to know what you think. Please keep reading!