Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Facebook Girl, a Big Lie and My Love Life

First, everyone is so interested in the “Facebook Girl” and what has been going on with that situation.  (See: Facebook + Dating = Awkward Situations) So, here is a quick update about that.  They are back together and he told her that he and I were never intimate.  (Big hairy lie, yikes did I say that out loud?)  I don’t know why he’d lie to her like that, but I’m not going to worry about it.   This is a situation that only is dangerous for me, so I can’t worry about it and I’m not.  I don’t understand what he would gain by lying to her, but that’s their dealio. 
I have closure with Putter, finally.   We had this back and forth thing that was just sexual and then started getting emotional.   He started tearing down his walls and then built them up again, just as quickly.  I’m not really sure why, but after a few days of not hearing from him, I built up walls of my own.   All I can think is that he saw himself feeling things for me that scared him and he pulled back.    Four texts later and he said goodbye. 
 I’m done, this isn’t baseball… for The Single Mom it’s two strikes and game over.   We tried twice to give us a go and it didn’t work out.   I’ve washed my hands of him and although I cannot begin to make sense of his hesitation, I’m completely and fully done. 
I’m sure he’s expecting me to go bat shit crazy, again.  But, I’m not.   Not this time.  I have too much going on in my life, the Chapter of Putter is finished, pen is down and page is turned.   I’m trying to make better decisions and I cannot bitch about being unhappy if I make dumbass decisions.  It’s a recent epiphany of mine, long overdue but I’m grateful for the lesson nonetheless.  
I truly believe I had to resolve all of this with Putter before I could fully give myself to Southerngent.   We’ve both been in this awkward back and forth dance of vulnerability and retreat.    I’m ready to move forward with him and I’ve told him so.    He’s everything I’ve been looking for and a real catch.  I’m struggling to try to trust him and let him in that’s my challenge.    I was honest with him about where I was, so it’s great to be on the other side of that
There is so much going on in my life, with my writing -- all the possibilities and opportunities that are coming at me are staggering.  I can’t afford to look back now for a second.   All I can do right now is to keep looking ahead and keep writing my own happy ending.    Thank you for being a BIG part of that
The Single Mom

There's someone else pulling at my heartstrings, but I don't know if I can even write about him yet.    Ouch.

Celebrate endings - for they precede new beginnings.
~ Jonathan Lockwood Huie


Just Call Me Frank said...

That Putter guy sounds like he's a dumb ass, passing on a great woman like you!
Just remember, he has to live with his decision and lonely existence, not being able to keep the walls down.

Frank & Bitch

singlemom said...

Thank you Frank, I appreciate your comment, I got a lot of messages today that were similar to what you say. The people who read my blog care about me and that means a lot to me! He's a good guy, I just don't get it, I wish I did.

Thanks for reading!



piraner.qld said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Just found your Blog and you are the first one I have signed up to follow!

Seems the world over we all have our lives entwined with the reality of Bad Timing, I feel for you.

Wishes and thoughts are with you to give you support in your journey towards the unknown.

singlemom said...

Thank you, Anonymous I appreciate your thoughts and wishes. I'm thrilled that you're following, so I hope to get to know you and I hope you enjoy the ride! Cheers! TSM

James Marriott said...

One word: Good!

Again, nothing more to add since F&B said it so well.