Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Looking for the Best Single Mom!!!

Win some much deserved recognition (and maybe a $25 Amazon Gift Card)  for your Mom!

Single Parenting is an extremely difficult job!  The Single Mom's Dating Diary would like to celebrate those single moms and dads who do an exceptional job juggling the demands.   It can be draining and stressful, so nominate your mom today!

Here is how the contest works:  Nominate a fabulous single mom...

1. "Like" the Facebook page for The Single Mom's Dating Diary (link is below)
2.  Click on "Discussions" (on the left side of the page), "Awesome Single Parents"  and tell why the single mom you know (or you) should be named as the best! 
3.   Vote (and have friends vote) for your mom!  (only one vote per person/day)
4.   The Best Single Mom will be named on Saturday, May 7th, 2011, both on The Facebook Page and on the blog, The Single Mom's Dating Diary.


We'll do the same thing for Father's Day, choosing the Best Single Dad.  Then both winners will compete for the $25 Amazon Gift Card! 

Enter today!


Mr Lonely said...

nice blog... visited here with a smile, take care always... feel free to visits me back at http://www.lonelyreload.blogspot.com (A Growing Teenager Diary)... thanks ~~~

singlemom said...

Thank you, Mr. Lonely. Please come back anytime (esp when you're feeling lonely). I'll check your digs out too. Big Smooches!