Thursday, April 7, 2011

Meet "Freakshow"

The subject line of his email was “I was so stupid.”   I thought to myself he was being way too easy on himself and should have gone a lot harder. 
The last time we talked I told him to never contact me again.
Hearing from him even in a contrite way didn’t make me any more open to want to talk to him.   The curiosity finally got to me after a few hours and I opened the email.    It was a chilly early April day (just last week) when his email came and immediately the memory of the last time we spoke flashed into my mind.
When we talked last, it was a freezing cold night in late December, just a few months ago now.   He reached out to me to wish me holiday wishes completely out of the blue.  When he contacted me, he didn’t know it at the time, but I was emotionally struggling with many things.   I didn’t initially share that I was upset and was just saying hello to catch up with him.  A few emails later he asked if I was single.  When I told him I was recently available, his tone changed quickly to want to see me again.  We began texting and talking again and he seemed genuinely interested to nurture me through this difficult time.
Our first date was a sticky, hot July night.   After exchanging a few emails, texting and talking a couple of times I agreed to meet him.   We seemed to have a lot in common and he seemed like a nice guy.   He lived in the next suburb over, seemed stable and had a lot of kids.  I love kids, so this wasn’t a negative to me, I was very ok with it.   He was tall, blonde and decent looking.
I was excited to meet him, maybe a little nervous.  We talked a relatively short length of time getting to know each other and we hadn’t really built up a lot of anticipation.   When I entered the restaurant that evening I felt casual, not expecting a lot, just wanted to keep an open mind.   My mindset was to meet someone new and just see if anything developed.
It was a relief to pick up on clues that he was attracted to me.  He was deliberate and cute about showing me he liked me.   So far so good…
We had a lot in common, seemed to both be looking for the same things and it felt like we would have a physical connection.   Talking through dinner and drinks was effortless, the drinks made us both relaxed and a little flirty.
At one point toward the end of dinner, he had to use the restroom.  He impulsively popped up from the table and kissed me quickly on the mouth as he walked by me.  This was technically our first kiss and yet it felt more like a familiar quick kiss a husband would give his wife after a day at work.
This kiss told me that he felt comfortable with me and made the rest of dinner much more relaxed.   At this point, I had two drinks which made me tipsy.   Since I wasn’t able to drive immediately and we were having a good time, when he suggested we keep the night going and see a movie, I agreed.     
We saw Inception, which is somewhat complicated and although I was trying to pay attention, he wasn't.  He was flirting with me and was very distracted.   Our first real kiss was outside the movie theater and it was a romantic and passionate.    He walked me quickly to his car so he could kiss me.  He kissed me under the glaring parking lot lighting, sweetly at first, both of our mouths opening up slowly to each other's.  The kiss became very passionate quickly building on the flirting we had been doing during the movie. 

After we said goodbye, he texted me when he got home telling me he had a great time and couldn’t wait to see me again.   We kept in contact a lot after the date.  Two days later, I was on a plane to a a week's long business trip and we kept in touch the entire week.
The excitement and anticipation grew every day.  So much so, that he met me the very night I got back into town.   I was out with friends and he joined our night out just to see me.    I walked him out after he finished his beer and we shared several passionate kisses in the parking lot.   We hugged, kissed and told each other how much we missed each other under that starry night's sky.
Next time, find out why I call him “Freakshow” and why I told him to never contact me again….

The Single Mom


Anonymous said...

You should read DIARY OF DATING, seemingly it looks like the two of you could be great friends. Look it up on Amazon, DIARY OF DATING; By: DG Elizabeth

singlemom said...

Thanks, I will do that, I try to NOT read anyone in my genre because I don't want to absorb their style. I also have very little time to read (sad) so I'm becoming a bit myopic. I might take a little peek at her though she sounds aweseome! Thanks for reading!