Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kissing Toads

Let’s face it, if you are actively online dating, chances are that you’ve been on your share of bad dates.   I’ve been dating for the past 6 years and have had more than my share of the bizarre and bad.  It saddens me when I put that in perspective that in the past 6 years of equal time and emotional energy, someone else on the planet attained a Master’s Degree.   Ya, that kinda makes me want to rethink this whole dating thing.   I've kissed more than my share of "Toads" and want to share what I've learned with you.
I went to a shrink after getting divorced.  Her advice to me was to go out on a lot of dates, meet men out of my "type" and just go out for the experience of it.  Looking back, I think she just told me this so that I'd keep coming back for therapy, probably true.  However, now I get to share some of this insanity with you.  It's truly incredible the things that have happened on this long quest to find love.  Many ups and downs, heartbreak, and some stories that you really won't believe.  Maybe you won't even believe that I'm still dating, but yes, oddly enough there is just enough hopeless romantic (stupidity) in me to keep looking.
As a semi-pro dater, I’ve come to categorize all "Toads" into four major categories
A.  “Mr. I don’t look like my picture” (or I’ve misrepresented my appearance in some way)
B.  “Mr. Hands” – self explanatory
C. “Mr. TMI” – Mr. TMI exceeds honesty and tells you every last detail about his life.  Details that make you want to run and fast.
D. “Mr. I’m Weird" for some reason(s) that defies logic. 

I had the privilege of writing a bad date story recently for and here is a story of an incredibly bad date.  Good times.   Get the Ben & Jerry's and read away.   Please someone send me some kitties, and save me from this dating nightmare.  Thanks.


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