Thursday, April 28, 2011

What's Been Happening?

I wanted to give you a few updates about what's going on with your favorite crazy Single Mom. 

No-nickname Aggressive Mexican Dinner Date Man (catchy, huh?)

First, I promised to let you know what happened with the Mr. Hands from the Mexican dinner date last week.   This is honestly one of those situations that makes me pound my head against the nearest wall and seriously consider switching teams.  

Let me explain... if you read my post you know that he got a little too aggressive for me and I tried to get him to back his truck up a little.  I did this by being trying to be nice, using some humor, distracting him with shiny objects, nothing worked.

We texted and I explained that I thought he got a little carried away.  I asked him how he felt about it after having time to think it through.    Basically, he got defensive and thought I was lecturing him.  I tried to approach it gently and see his side, but he thought that I was being condescending.   I just couldn't win.  Something was just gnawing at my instinct that there was a reason why he was being so defensive, like he was trying to hide something.   

The conversation just spiraled out of control when I told him I didn't feel safe with him.  When I said this, he got mad and told me to never contact him again.  So, I chalk this up to there being something more to this but it's better to walk away from him completely.


After our "Coltrane, Candles and Cleavage" date things have been hot and cold.  It's so hard to understand men sometimes, (facepalm).   I feel like I've really gone out of my way to reach out to him while at the same time giving him lots of space.   Maybe it's me again and not being able to let him back into my heart or maybe it's just not the right fit for whatever reason.  Maybe the past is better left in the past, maybe I've learned my lesson...?   I'm not sure yet that things are over, just trying to back up, a lot.  

This is a really awkward phase for me in a relationship, I don't want to say "hey where are things", but I kinda want to know where things are.   Is it just me?   I'm not into dating multiple men, I don't want that, but I'm not going to waste time on someone who isn't going to make a move either.

The Single Mom's Dating Diary Stuff

This has been a huge month for the blog in growth, so I thank you so much for reading and telling your friends.  It truly means so much to connect with so many people, truly all over the world!    I feel like I've made so many new friends and I'm grateful for how much of yourselves you've shared with me.

If you haven't "Liked" The Single Mom's Dating Diary's Facebook page, please take just a second to do that with this link:   I'll wait.  Ok, thanks, you're back :).

Facebook is a great way to keep updated about new posts and some of the silly things I do behind the scenes.   Also, interact with me on Twitter @singlemomdate.  Twitter is the bad kids' playground, but it's soooooo much fun.   Between Facebook and Twitter, I have about 600 people I interact with on a daily basis, so please join the fun.  Sometimes I take dares or let little tidbits slip out about what's coming up, so it's a good way to know what I'm up to.

I do have a sexy photo shoot planned to give you just a little sneak peek of me.  So, I might show you a little more of me... maybe... I'm kind of a tease like that huh?

Mother's Day is coming up, and I'll be doing lots of special things on the blog.  Please nominate Single Mom's for our contest to give them a special pat on the back.   Hey, it's a great tribute to all the hardworking single moms out there, so please nominate them today! 


The Single Mom

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