Thursday, April 21, 2011

Would the Tequila Make My Clothes Fall Off?

Are you nervous?  His text said.
Nah, not at all.  You shouldn’t be either, I’m a dork.   I replied
Oh, ya sure.   A smart, funny, blonde knockout dork, they are a dime a dozen. 
I’m hardly a knockout, don’t be nervous, sheesh. 

We’ve had fun getting to know each other over the past several days talking, texting and IM’ing.     The conversations have ranged from our kids, relationships and movies.     It seemed almost intentional that we steered clear of sex.  There were no 10 foot poles employed, sex was avoided like the proverbial plague.    It was kind of a good sign, to me anyway. 
Romance and sincerity seemed like second nature to him.  He texted me a lot, probably a lot more than I’d prefer actually.  (I know if any of my exes read this, the irony will kill them… lol)    He was funny and he seemed to get my goofy sense of humor.     His children are grown, he has a stable job, lives about 45 minutes from me,  basically seems like a good guy.   (Famous last words, did I just say this? I’m so screwed, lol.)
During this getting-to-know-you phase, I’ve been busy.   One night, I had a meeting until almost 10, didn’t take my phone and came home to 4 panic messages from him.   Between bites of a quick dinner, I attempted to console him that I left my phone on my charger at home.    Sheesh, now I know what every ex of mine has felt like, haha.
The point is that he was into me and also seemed sincere about getting to know me.  In fact some of the things he said jokingly revealed that he was potentially seeing me in his future. 
The place I’m at is ready to find someone.  I’ve seen Freakshow (an ex) a couple of times, but I’m not totally convinced of his sincerity.  I’ve told everyone involved where I am and what I’m looking for.  Full disclosure.
We chose a Mexican restaurant practically in the exact center between where we both live.  The area is somewhat of a depressed area, there are some good areas and some parts of it that you wouldn’t want to find yourself in.   Basically, there are some decent restaurants but not much else going on.   
I dressed in jeans, heels and an off the shoulder sweater.  I curled my hair and put on my makeup carefully.    I didn’t want to look like a hooker, but I wanted him to like what he saw. 
I made it to the restaurant first, was seated, texted him and waited patiently for him.    He arrived a few minutes later looking handsome.  He had on nice pants, and a long sleeved striped dress shirt.   When he hugged me, he smelled amazing and he seemed happy to meet me.
We both ordered Margaritas and they went down fast.   We had a great time talking and it was an extension of what it was like getting to know each other up until tonight.   Since I have no tolerance for alcohol, I was feeling really relaxed and having a great time talking to him.  We were laughing, talking all the way through dinner.    There was some minor flirting it was playful yet innocent. 
During dinner, he casually mentioned something about a text he sent me before he got there that I didn’t reply to.   When I picked up my phone, I noticed a new text from Freakshow asking me to come over.   Perfect.
I ignored the text and went back to our conversation.    Everything went great, when the bill arrived, I paid for myself and he didn’t object.   We collected our things and tried to think of something else to do.   My car was parked closer so I elected to drive.   He followed me to my side and put his hands all over my ass as I was unlocking the door.  It seemed pretty harmless, so I was ok with it.  He then kissed me for the first time,  a little forcefully, not necessarily a good start.
We got in the car and he kissed me again, harder this time and he let his hands roam to my breasts.    I was trying to be casual and call him out on it playfully.    We drove around the area and couldn’t really find anything else to do.  I drove to a nearby Target and parked.   We began talking and listening to the cd that was in my player and the kissing started again. 
He kissed me hard again, explored my breasts more and took one into his mouth.   It was a little brazen, considering where we were, it being a first date and I really hadn’t quite worked myself up to it yet.    I wanted to be in the moment, but he was honestly going a little fast.    My spidey sense was telling me to keep my guard up.    I again, playfully asked him to slow down a little.     He did pause for a little but then started kissing me hard again and this time started moving his hands over the front of my jeans.   (yes to my nether regions…)
I stopped him from getting carried away and drove him back to his car.    We kissed more and he tried more.      I abruptly said goodnight to him and drove home.  Halfway home, I checked my texts.   He sent me one a few minutes before and I was expecting an apology but he sent an affectionate text.   We texted more that night, I explained my perspective but he just didn’t seem to see it the same way.
I was hoping for a reasonable explanation like he just got released from prison or something to explain why he got all up in my grill like that so fast.   The reason just didn’t really come and I’m left today kinda scratching my head.
So, should I see him again?  Am I overreacting?   Will he be around long enough to get a nickname?  Stay tuned to your favorite suburban trainwreck blog. 


The Single Mom


Nickel Pickle said...

Yikes. That would kinda freak me out! LOL. Especially since sex was never brought up in conversation prior to meeting. I don't know I might give him another shot. :)

singlemom said...

Thanks, Nickel Pickle! Without going into a lot of the past, this is a personal trigger of mine. We'd have to talk about it a lot. In the meantime and literally while writing the story, my ex Freakshow started talking about being exclusive and getting serious. So, we'll have to see what happens. Thanks for your input and I hope your world is peaceful! Smooches!