Friday, April 15, 2011

Wow What a Ride!!!

Whew what a week this has been!  It started off with the "Puttergate" breakup, (lol) and obviously that was really upsetting.    I debated long and hard about how to approach it from a writing standpoint.  I wanted to write very honest and I didn't want to be bitchy or throw him under a bus. 

My biggest concern besides his feelings was yours.   I didn't want to turn readers away and honestly, the most surprising thing happened, the blog had the most traffic by far on that day, almost double.  Readership has since picked up and I couldn't be more overjoyed!

Heartbreak and betrayal, unfortunately are universal.  It resonates within each of us in our core and we've all been there, sadly at some point or another.   So many of you reached out to me with your personal stories and that means so much to me.   I surely don't have all the answers, I'm just trying to figure it out as I go, one date at a time.   I'm learning more and doing better each time. 

I began this blog honestly as a reaction to the first time Putter broke my heart.   So, in a way I owe him and every other douchebag I've dated a huge debt of gratitude.   (I'm not calling him a douchebag, per se.)  But, I've always been a proponent of making a positive come from a negative situation.   I make a huge pitcher of lemonade, and just might throw a little vodka in it too.

Those who leave our lives for whatever reason, (although it doesn't feel like it at the time) do us a huge favor.   If someone doesn't want to be in our lives, they doesn't deserve a place in it either.  We are better off without them and can find a replacement for them.  That replacement doesn't necessarily have to be another person, it can be a new skill or some other pursuit. 

Once I had a breakup that hurt so badly that I took belly dancing lessons to redirect my attention.   It is such a mentally difficult dance to learn that it forced me to put my focus on it, I had to learn to control a certain set of muscles to move in a specific way.  I couldn't think about him during class and practice and at the end of the 8 weeks of classes, I learned a sexy new dance and was way over him.

Each person in our lives, for good or not is a teacher.   Some teach us while they are in our lives, others teach us when they leave.  Either way, the lesson is important to our growth. 

I've had an incredible teacher along the path of The Single Mom's Dating Diary who has become someone I consider a friend.   I've met so many friends along the way, I cannot tell you how much I look forward to "talking" with you either on Facebook, Twitter or through your comments/emails.  You all enrich my life so much, so thank you!

Happy Birthday, Susan!!
I would like to give a special Happy Birthday wishes to one of the best friends of The Single Mom's Dating Diary, and therefore mine, Susan of Newbury Park, California.   She found me somehow, on Facebook.  I don't even know how really, but she did.  She loved the blog so much that she told her friends about it on Facebook I've gotten to know some of them, too.   

She and some of her friends have picked me up on days when I almost gave up on this.  She has a big "29th" Birthday this weekend and I'm sending her my best wishes for a memorable day along with my gratitude.   She continues to inspire me and she is a beautiful woman inside and out. 

I'm so grateful that she told her friends about the blog and I'm so appreciative to all of you who have done the same, thank you so much!

As for me, this weekend, I have two dates with two different gentlemen, so I'll let you know about that next week.  I'm also finalizing the details of the Single Mom's and Single Dad's contest.  I'll be meeting over the weekend about the details.   ...just to give you enough information to get your wheels rolling, it will be a contest where someone nominates a great Single Mom or Dad by an email entry of 50 words or more.  I'll pick the best entry and the winner will both get a prize and a write up on the blog and the blog's Facebook page.   So, more details to come very soon about all the details.

Plus over the weekend, I'll be writing more of The Single Mom's Dating Diary, the novel.  I'm in production of a few products that you will love and I'm hoping the weather will cooperate enough for a bonfire and s'mores, with my sons.    I wish you a wonderful weekend and I cannot thank you enough for being a part of my happy ending!

Big Smooches,

The Single Mom


Anonymous said...

Girl, OMG! That is the sweetest Happy Birthday I ever got:) Thank you soooo much! <3 xoxo <3 I love it:) I teared up:)

And I so love that you turned lemons into the perfect lemonade! We're a lot alike, except besides the vodka, CHOCOLATE and tlc!!!!! A heartbreak = green pass!!!!! The best soul food ever (oh yeah, and don't forget....REVENGE SEX)!

You so "got IT" girl:) <
3 xoxo <3

wubanger said...

Got nothing but love for you, SMD! i'm dying to get the alpha copy when you're finally ready :)

singlemom said...

Thank you, Susan. I'm just so grateful we met, you've enriched my life so much. Letting someone go out of your life makes room for something/someone better. Check that box with a huge red checkmark! Hope your day is epic and I want a full report! Smooches, my friend!

singlemom said...

Wubanger, thank you so much for that, gave me chills when I read your comment! I'm so excited and it's the culmination of a long forgotten dream. Thank you so much for being a part of it! Hugs!