Monday, May 2, 2011

Birthday Night Out Hijinks: Hot Men + Free Drinks = ???

Wow, so much to talk about today… might be Wednesday until I get all the weekend’s news blogged, sheesh.  It’s funny now blogging because now when I’m considering do I really do something or not, the question arises in my head “Will this make a good blog post?”  Usually that is enough to tip the scales to the yes side, so this weekend was no exception...

Girls Night Out
My best friend, “Katie” and I haven’t been able to see each other for several weeks.  She’s about ten years younger than me, recently separated and extremely hot.    We used to work together and have this really rare chemistry that either turns people around us on or makes people jealous.  (not kidding)   Nothing, underline nothing has ever happened but we do have fun playing up the flirtation a little.    
In the past, we’ve traveled together for work.  We know many of the same people, not just in our city but all over the country from our travels.    When we are together, our real age goes down to about 12, we laugh, we joke and we are extremely random.   People love being around us because we are always having a great time.
Our evening’s plans were simple enough, meeting at a bar that’s practically in the middle of our two homes then going downtown to dance.   It sounded like a great plan, it really did.    We made it to the bar that much I do know.  We sat down around the bar, it was somewhat crowded.   It was just your typical suburban bar, chain restaurant type of a place again, nothing special.    Opening up a birthday card combined with our laughter caused quite a stir around the bar, occupied mostly by men.  
Since we hadn’t seen each other for awhile, we had to catch up on life and literally had about a month’s worth of news to share.    So, we were pretty oblivious to the goings on around us as our laughter and stories consumed us.   One after another, mysterious drinks appeared as soon as the one before was finished.  Many people came up to talk to us, we had some great conversations and more shared laughter. 
I had a stressful day leading up to the day, an argument with my kids about how I work too much among other things.  Ya, good times.    It was a Happy Birthday, scratch that, Crappy Birthday until now.    Lately, I haven’t had a chance to really drink and Katie teases me about whenever we go out, I have one drink and stop to stay in control.  Yawn, I know.  Today was different, I had a driver, I had a crappy day and dammit, it was my fucking birthday.  So there, I’m getting my swerve on.
Before I knew it, the barstool next to me had a new occupant, there was a fresh drink in front of me and I was chatting it up with the handsome stranger sharing his birthday wishes.    He was muscular, had an accent and was articulate.    He smelled amazing (panty dropper!)      Oh, and did I mention that he is trying out for a professional football team, oh ya well there was that.   Evidently he has a really strong possibility of making it too, so I was trying to not slobber, trying.  
Katie was having a great conversation with the man next to her, although I knew she wasn’t interested in him, they were enjoying each other’s company.   The man and I were having a great time until he excused himself to use the bathroom.   His friend in the next chair began talking to me.   He had a different foreign accent, was cute and warm.     He ordered me a drink also and we talked until his football playing friend returned.   When he returned we all talked together, it wasn’t like a pissing match or anything.   It was just fun, friendly, flirty chit chat. 
The bartender kept delivering new shots, random concoctions that all seemed to go down easily (that’s what she said).   This is probably a really good time to let you know that I have very little alcohol tolerance.  Two drinks and I’m on top of either a bar dancing or on top of, oh never mind… ;)    I’m not sure how many drinks I’d had by this time, math isn't my forte when I'm sober so it sure as hell isn't when I'm not.   
I’m not exactly sure how it happened, but the next thing I knew I was slow dancing with the football player in the middle of the bar.    We were the only ones, it wasn’t the type of place you’d see people dance, but we were.  Ya, that’s all I got.     He was African American and it did raise a few eyebrows in this Midwestern bar that we were dancing together.   Whatever.    I do remember he gave me his phone number and although I struggled doing it, I did successfully put it in my phone.   I think I did anyway.
We were having a blast, laughing and drinking talking to everyone.  Our local sports team was playing a game, that was on the tv.   It was a game that our team came from behind and won, so the entire place was jubilant and everyone got a celebratory drink.  The atmosphere was fun and exciting. 
Katie had way too much to drink by this point so going downtown was out of the question.   The place we were at closed early, it was maybe 11:30 or so, I’m not sure.   The men I had been talking to went next door to another bar to continue their evening.    We exchanged hugs and the football player reminded me to call him.
We had no tab to pay but tipped the bartender handsomely as we had enjoyed a friendly, flirty banter with him all night.   It was really sweet that he followed us to the parking lot to make sure we were ok to drive.      We were literally headed next door, so we assured him we were fine after exchanging long, flirty hugs.     
The next place was much more crowded.  We found a place to sit down and before we knew it, the men from the first bar were on their way over with a bottle of red wine to share with us.    Empty glasses appeared and we were sipping on wine, continuing our conversation.   We were all equally flirting with each other, pretty innocently actually, well until the football player started talking about his love for giving oral sex.   He went into a whole lot of detail, uncomfortable detail.   Katie and I were cracking up and feeling a little awkward at the same time.
After we finished a glass of wine, the bartender from the first place came in and sat down near us.  He winked at us and shot us a knowing smirk.   
At our table, we were all laughing, sharing and just having a good time.    The men were trying to convince us to continue the evening and were trying to make something happen.  Basically, they were tossing up the Hail Mary pass and thinking that two drunk girls would equal something epic for them.  Ya, file that shit under "Not gonna happen, pal". 
The bartender from the first place came over to make sure we were ok.   We had a semi private conversation with him assuring him that we were fine and could definitely take care of ourselves.    He told us that we caused quite a buzz at his bar, in a good way and he wanted us to come back anytime for drinks on him.     Unfortunately, he had a wedding ring on so he was off limits but so adorable and so yummy. 
I was completely unaware that Katie called our platonic guy friend, “Jake” to meet up with us, I didn’t know it until he showed up out of the blue.   Parts of it are fuzzy but I was kissing the second guy, opened my eyes and saw Jake.   He was standing in the corner with his arms crossed like a bouncer making sure I was ok.  Actually, I lost interest in the second guy because the way that he kissed me actually turned me off. Fast. 
Before I knew it, Katie and I were saying quick goodbyes to the men, the second guy's business card was slipped in my palm and we were off with Jake.   It was probably 2 or 2:30 am by this time. 
We were on a new mission and that mission was to find a hot tub.  Did we find one?   Uh and nobody had bathing suits.  Ruh Ro.    More next time...

The Single Mom

Did we find a hot tub?  Did I call either of the guys from girls night out?  Did I hear from Freakshow?   I had a first date on Friday night, how did that go?

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