Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A First Date with a Dreamy Latin Lover... Breaking all the Rules (part two)

It was early Friday evening and I’m getting ready for my date with my out of town, sexy and funny Latin Lover date.  I exfoliated every follicle, plucked every errant hair, put on makeup carefully, and took a lot of time on my hair.  
He was visiting my city for a very important business meeting, proposing a new alliance with a local company here, so I wasn’t surprised when I got a text from him that he needed a little extra time.    I was doing some hardcore primping, had a sick child and received a last minute phone call from a friend who was my backup plan if drinks with him didn’t go well.  
Earlier in the evening, I’d made a special trip to get an Icee for my sick son.  He would be alone for a couple of hours while I was out, until my oldest got home.  My ex rarely ever has the boys, so I’m not going to go into full blown bitching here, but its relevant information.  It can make it difficult for me to have any kind of predictable social life. Grrrr...
My girlfriend wanted to bend my ear about an important situation in her life, even after I mentioned I was getting ready for a hot date.    Between that and getting my son taken care of, I was running behind myself.     I hurried her off the phone with a promise to tell her how the date went and to meet up with her later if the date was a dud.   Probably not likely, but ok…
I dressed unusually sexy for a first date.   I wore a lowcut black two layered blouse that has a layer of see through net and is borderline provocative.  It ties at the waist with a silky black ribbon.  I wore shiny open toe high heels, black pants and had my long hair straightened.   It was much more of a sexy look than I’d normally go for on a first date, but hey, I was breaking the rules.  Go big or go home, right?
Driving quickly as possible, I made it to the restaurant before he did and found a seat at the bar.   It’s a huge seafood restaurant, with several rooms and a huge rectangular bar.  I struggled to find two chairs together and sat with a view of the entrance. 
It’s probably a good time to interject that I’m not a very adventurous eater.  I prefer to eat meat that used to walk, not swim…  I’m not much of a seafood fan.  This has always made me feel a little like a schmuck, but hey there it is.   I can usually find something that I like at a seafood restaurant but I’ll take a juicy steak over anything (a Cajun filet mignon, wink wink).
There was a three piece group playing live jazz on one end of the bar over the loud roar of conversations.  It was a hopping place to be on this sunny, Friday evening. 
He walked into the bar; we recognized each other right away and had huge smiles.  He was dreamy in person and we had this incredibly sexy moment immediately.   He went to sit down next to me, my back was turned to him and he put his hand on the small of my back.   I looked over my shoulder at him and he inhaled deeply and said, “Wow you smell great. Mmm.”    
The attraction was already off the charts in the first minute and it only heated up from there.
He had a seat next to me and he seemed to visibly decompress from the stress of his meeting.   I could almost see the tension escape his face as he talked.  Just then the bartender came up to take our orders and we both ordered a chilled shot of Patrone. 
He excused himself to use the men’s room and gave me a quick kiss on the mouth as he left - as if we’d known each other a long time.   I texted my girlfriend in waiting, “OMG” and ditched my phone back in my purse, and  somehow had to put my game face back on before he came back.
He and the Patron shots arrived at the same time.    We clicked our glasses together in a toast as he asked the bartender for a recommendation for an appetizer.  He recommended the Alligator, and Latin Lover asked if that sounded ok to me.  After a quick processing, I decided that alligators walk and swim so, what the hell, right?    Going big or going home seemed to be the theme of the night, so this shouldn’t be different.
Up until this moment, we really hadn’t talked that much on the phone, or really in email for that matter.   I usually get to know someone a lot before a date, what they are looking for, who they are, etc.   For some reason, since he lives out of town and was just here for a drink, there was a different expectation somehow.
I liked his playful nature and probably the fact that I didn’t take getting to know him so seriously in advance helped us both enter this date with an open mind.   He talked about his childhood in San Francisco, described his family in detail and how his dad always taught him to enjoy life, to do things for fun and to take chances.   His description of the splendor of San Francisco made my longing to go there even more intense.   His eyes lit up as he described the refraction of the sun light over the water.    No doubt mine did also, reacting to him talking about the beautiful city he loved.
There wasn’t an awkward moment of silence to be found.  I enjoyed hearing him talk about his childhood, family and career.   Our alligator arrived during our conversation and he fed me the first bite from his fork.    My eyes didn’t leave him but I had a strong sense that people were watching us, picking up on the heat that we had together.
He was charming, sincere and although I was actively listening to him, my mind was daydreaming about his full lips on mine.    We found clever ways to weave our private jokes from our prior conversations into this conversation.   As we both smiled and found excuses to touch each other, I could almost feel eyeballs on us. 
During our conversation he hinted at wanting a good margarita at an authentic Mexican restaurant so I suggested we go get one.   We quickly paid our tab and headed to our next stop.
In the parking lot, he kissed me pressed up against his car.   His mouth met mine so fast, almost like a tiger attacks his prey.  I felt consumed, desired and kissed him back meeting his passion.  My eyes clenched tightly as his kisses trailed down my neck.  My hands on his lower back pulled him even closer as his kisses made my whole body melt.
We drove to the Mexican restaurant about 10 minutes away.  I lead as he followed.   At a stop light, I waived at him in my rearview mirror, and admired the pouty, simmering sexiness that he exudes. 

We parked and went inside the restaurant hand in hand, in the suburb that I call home.  As we walked to the bar, I made a quick scan of the people in the restaurant for any familiar faces, luckily there were none.  We sat down and he ordered margaritas and explained to the female bartender how he liked them. 
The margaritas came quickly and went down even more so.  My low tolerance for alcohol caught up with me quickly.  Our enjoyment of each other only grew as we both shared more of ourselves.  I enjoyed hearing about the romantic ways his dad used to show his love for his mom.   My Latin Lover date was definitely a romantic, loving soul who appreciates women, affection and probably sex. 
As the sunny evening’s sky turned into a dark, starry night we were lost in each other.   We shared a lot of how we aspire to live life as an adventure, for example keeping laughter and happiness around as much as possible.  I shared stories of my love for pulling off an orchestrated prank as he shared likewise.   He thoroughly enjoyed my recent birthday skinnydipping story and I know he tries to steal moments like this from life whenever possible.  We both have a lot of the same playful excitement and try to keep that as a focus of life to make it interesting.  
After I finished talking, he impulsively kissed me sensually and for a very long time considering where we were.  When he was finished kissing me, his eyes quickly darted behind my shoulder, in a brief moment of self-consciousness.  I looked over my shoulder at the group that just was seated behind me, the local Catholic High School baseball team with a few parents.   They got an eyeful no doubt.    He and I shared a giggle and child-like grins, almost blushing that we’d been caught.
Next time: the passion heats up even more on this hot midwestern evening...
The Single Mom


DavidRayDog said...

Wow! Just wow!
There really should be a "hot" option in the choices of reactions.

singlemom said...

You are so funny... are you "tingly" by any chance??? I aim to tingle... :) hehe. You are so cute and always make me smile :)

Tingly smooches...

bleu said...

Sizzle! I had to pause Dancing with the Stars to read this. Will be tuning back in for next time!

singlemom said...

Thanks, Bleu...I'm glad you liked the post, especially enough to pause DWTS... sheesh, that's gonna go to my head. Hehe... I'm workin on today's adding lots of sizzle... :D Sizzling Smooches!