Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A First Date with a Dreamy Latin Lover... Breaking all the Rules (part three)

The night HEATS up!
 Our kiss was a perfect exclamation point to punctuate our conversation about living life to the fullest and taking a risk.   We were enjoying each other’s company so much and shared so much of ourselves.  
The evening took a bit of a serious turn when we talked about intentions and the distance between us.  I explained that although we did meet for this evening without a lot  of caveats that I didn’t want to be just one of his women in a handful of cities that he’d call whenever business brought him to my area.    He assured me that this wouldn’t be the case and that he didn’t plan on that being the scenario.  
He shared that he was married twice and now divorced for a year and a half from the previous woman.    The women he has dated since have pressured him too quickly to get serious and he wasn’t ready for a live in situation.   I could tell that he isn’t the kind of man who likes to be alone, but he was still licking his wounds from the past.
Somehow we segued into a conversation about his parents’ marriage.  From the way he described his dad, he sounded like a romantic lead in a romance novel.   The adoration that he gave his mom was incredible, and any woman would be envious to be on the receiving end of worship like that.     It was pretty obvious that the man sitting across from me had picked up a few charm tips of his own and probably knew how to charm the panties off of any woman.    Well not ME… I didn’t wear panties tonight, so, HA!!!  I’m one step ahead of him!
In true Single Mom fashion, my oldest son (whom has barely given me the time of day recently, by the way) thinks that this is the PERFECT moment to catch up and make a plea to go out for the evening, despite my earlier decision on this.   I ask him for an update about my youngest son as Latin Lover patiently waits.   Things are good at the homefront, so we end our conversation and I go back being the woman on a date with a sexy Latin Lover again… whew.  Ok, ok where was I?  Where did I hide my mojo… I know it’s here somewhere…feeling around... oh here it is.  Hey baby, purrrrr.
We pay our tab and decide to leave, somewhat abruptly. 
My car is the closest, we walk casually, yet quickly to it and immediately start kissing.  He is pressed up hard against me, with my back to my car.     Our kissing becomes more intense as our hands move around each other’s bodies.   He smells so manly and having his body pressed up against me so tightly is so exciting.  I can’t help but to exhale loudly with an audible “MMM” sound as his mouth is on mine and moves down to my neck kissing me gently. 
He turned his shoulder slightly to block the view to the restaurant as he touched my breast.  My eyes were closed, ignoring reality as he whispered to me, “We have an audience.”   He could have said my car was on fire and I would have cared the same.   I didn’t want to stop kissing for any reason in this moment.  
His kissing slowed down drastically as I forced myself to open my eyes and deal with reality.    The outer wall of the restaurant was a glass wall and there were several sets of eyes glued to our make out session.   It was practically irrelevant to me, a little more so to him.   Considering I live 10 minutes from the spot we are standing and I know a lot of people in the area and he lives 2 hours away, I should probably be the one feeling self-conscious.   That’s the way it should have worked, I suppose.
The idea occurs to him to run to the passenger side of my car so that we can move to another less public place.   We are both trying to be real cool about this sudden departure, like a forgotten Friday evening dental appointment or something.    As he’s hustling to open the car door, I’m trying to remember how to make words come out of my mouth again.  I wanted to tell him to wait to open the car door… so that he doesn’t engage the sensitive car alarm… too late… the handle is still in his hand as the door swings open… horn honking and lights blinking… so we pulled off the cool getaway no doubt about it.
We were both cracking up as were the people inside the restaurant.    It was just one of those embarrassing moments in life that called for laughter and the perfect metaphor to underline our conversation this evening about taking life as it comes.
Somehow, I found the ability to do the heavy mental lifting to turn off the alarm, put the key in the ignition, and move the car to a more secluded area. 
We opened the sunroof to the starry summer sky above, over our kissing we could hear the fountain just outside and the water cascading over the lake.  It was basically the epitome of romance in a suburban strip mall restaurant parking lot.  (watch out Danielle Steele, I’m gunnin for ya… ;)
Passion and desire were intensifying, our mouths finding each other, consuming each other.   I grabbed his chin and held his scruffy face to mine as I kissed him hard.  My hands ran through his sexy black hair as his ran through my long blonde hair. 
...a thousand words???
He kissed the line of my skin from where it changed from brown to white.   I returned his passion with kisses of my own.   Time passed in a blur of kissing, touching and desires fulfilled. (wink, wink, elbow, elbow)
We ended the evening, sitting outside in the grass, watching the water and with many more kisses.   We reluctantly said goodbyes and he made me promise to text him when I got home.   We’ve texted and talked since, continuing and increasing the passion we found that night.    I’m not sure if we will see each other again, but I had a great time being with him.

The Single Mom


Jenniffer said...

Yeay!! A successful & hot date! Wish he didn't live so far away :(

singlemom said...

Thanks, Jenniffer! Yes it was a great date... maybe too great??? I probably shouldn't have... but ya, it was a perfect night. *sighs* Thanks for reading!!! Smooches!

DavidRayDog said...
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DavidRayDog said...
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DavidRayDog said...

Well alrighty then. ;) Hot, definitely hot!

"...a thousand words???" You naughty, naughty it!

singlemom said...

Thank you so much David, I'm glad you enjoyed it and had a little tingly moment. I'm also glad you enjoyed the 1000 words... when I did it, I wasn't sure if it was too abstract. You are handsome AND smart.

Thank you so much for your comment and for being such a great reader. I'm so happy to know you and we are still praying for your family, btw...

Tingly smooches!

bleu said...

Well now!! Hot date indeed and love the picture. I already knew when I came back to read part 3, that I would not have the TV on! Glad you guys are keeping in touch.

singlemom said...

Thank you, Bleu... yes it was hot and I'm glad you appreciate the sheer torture I put myself through just for the blog ;) Thanks for reading!