Wednesday, May 4, 2011


@darbymagical is not a fan of The Single Mom
It's official.  I have my first hater.  It was inevitable, I've prepared myself for criticism, it's part of the deal. 

Ironically, it comes when I have a lot of great things happening.   I'm in the running for two blog awards, I'm really happy right now and I received a great comment yesterday about my blog and writing in general.    I'm typically a glass half full woman, so I try to not let the negative seep in too much.   I try.  

I have a friend on Twitter, Nick who has a toy that is similar to a Magic 8 ball like toy.  It's in the shape of an oven mitt and she has her own Twitter handle.  Nick will make videos of himself asking her things for people and posts them.  For some reason, this oven mitt, named Darby never liked me.  I attribute it to jealousy, what else could it be?

People ask me for dating advice all the time, sometimes privately or sometimes not.  I have a blog, Darby does not.  I have an pretty pink oven mitt in my logo, maybe prettier than Darby herself.   Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?   Anyway, I'm not snarky.  I take the high road and try to encourage everyone. 

From my post in February, Making Putter Shudder
   Maybe it isn't simply irony that I wrote a piece awhile ago asking a Magic 8 Ball for dating advice and it was one of my most read pieces (I'm sure the sexual content had NOTHING to do with it. "Making Putter Shudder").   I have to stress that this post was written LONG before Darby thought about having her own gig.  Whatever.  Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, right?

I'm putting in the link for the video so you can watch it if you wish.  Clearly Darby cannot wait to answer the question, I sent her "My blog is up for some awards, will I win any of them?"  Nick even commented himself something like, she is chomping at the bit to answer this one.  Her answer is a straight up NO.  No hesitation, no shred of doubt, a total NO. 

Watch it for yourself if you don't believe me:

Nick then goes on to try to smooth it out and spare my feelings by saying, stuff like your blog is awesome, everyone really loves it,  but it's a new blog and you have to give it time.   I appreciate him trying to make me feel better, I really do. 

The point is, the world tries to bring us down.  We cannot let it.   Whether it is a critic, a competitor or an oven mitt, we have to do what we feel is right for us.   If you agree with me, then please take a second to vote for this blog, by a simple click on this link.     Your vote isn't just a vote for me, it's a vote AGAINST the bad guys. Don't let haters win.  Ever. Thank you!  ;)

This brings me to another thought.  We all have an ex we hate, right?   This is a picture of a Mr. Bill dog toy we got our dog recently.  To you it looks like a simple chew toy, but it's truly so much more.  It's your ex, it's my ex, whatever you wish.

If your ex cheated on you, dumped you without any notice or screwed you up, Mr. Bill is going to be our fun way of getting revenge.  Tell me what you'd like to see happen to Mr. Bill and I will do it once a week and post the pics, probably on my Facebook page. 

Caution, this isn't meant to be snarky.  This is meant to be silly and all in good fun.  So be thinking of what you'd like to see happen to him: stabbed, thrown in the oven, run over by a car, use your imagination.   Have fun with it!

Thanks for reading and hope you smiled just a little.


The Single Mom


Anonymous said...

I'm sooooper glad to have found you!! LUUUUURVE this. And your writing style. Will add you to my blogroll bitch!


singlemom said...

Aw thank you, me too! Glad you liked it!! I'll add you too... have to make a blogroll. Can't wait to get to know you! Smooches!

Nick said...

I voted for your blog. Your attitude is awesome! Never let the haters get to you. They're actually your biggest fans, I've always said. :-D

singlemom said...

You are so sweet Nick!! Thank you, just always have to look for the good and usually it turns up. Smooches!