Thursday, May 12, 2011

How to NOT be a Dumb Douchebag... an Update about the New Guy

Mmm beer AKA truth serum
So here’s an update about the new guy who is evidently not going to earn a nickname.   Please bear in mind, he has a master's degree.  He has brains, it's a given...
I've received so many comments and emails about this post, that I wanted to answer them here and to also update you on what happened last night...

Don’t be online dating and have your Facebook status say "In a Relationship"
First, on the Facebook thing, yes it is him. Fosho.  It does say who he is in a relationship with and her picture is of them both together.  Sweet, huh?   His page shows when he changed his status to in a relationship and it was January, he hasn’t changed it since.    Without giving up any specific details, I’m sure it’s him, completely sure.    Believe me, I wish it wasn’t true so much.  I really do.  I honestly don’t like a lot of men off the bat like this.    However, its way better to know this now than to get involved with him and then to find out later.  Word.

Don’t drunk dial and blow your alibi
Secondly, here’s an update about what happened last night.  You aren’t going to believe the stupidity but it's true... don’t send me emails that you don’t believe he really did this.  He did.  Pinkie swears, scouts honor, cross my heart and everything.   
He cancelled a date with me for last night, citing a business dinner as the reason.   This is the same man who told me he was "mesmerized" by me and "giddy" about meeting me.  (eye roll) 
Now, what you need to know is that he works in a suburb of our city that has a huge industrial area, lots of office park clusters, many white collar professional  jobs.  On Wednesday nights this suburb hosts an outdoor after work mixer type thing with drinks and a live band, a lot of single people go and last night's weather was perfect for it.
He called me after work yesterday on his way to “dinner” complete with details about where they were going and everything.   He said he’d call after dinner was over and meet me for a drink.   I wasn’t planning to meet him anyway but he didn’t call or text.  By about ten I was PISSED and sent him a text, like you left me hanging and just basically letting him know I was irritated. 
At about midnight, my phone rang, I’m a deep sleeper, saw his name and picked up the call, very groggy.  He was obviously drunk, really drunk.  So I asked him what he did after work, setting my trap.  In his drunken state, he said... ya I went to the City Mixer and we went to this bar hangout after, caught himself after the fact and I had heard enough.   I rushed him off the phone and went back to sleep.
He was drunk and I’m sure he wouldn’t have said it if he was sober, he would have come up with a reason and smoothed it over.   I’m glad he had a few beers, aka truth serum. 
I texted him this morning telling him to delete my number.   He tried to be funny and charming.  He told me he was horny for me and then tried to convince me two texts later that he wanted more than just sex.   Sure thing, chicken wing.  I doubt he’ll stop, I’m sure I’ll hear more from him.   I’d put money on it, but I could be wrong….
Ironic thing here…. I’ve been trying to schedule a dinner to treat someone who has done a lot for me lately, I have a gift card, we planned for last weekend but had to at the last minute had to reschedule for tonight.  Irony of ironies, he mentioned on the phone that he was going to this same restaurant tonight.  So, he could be there… we shall see…
Please if you're going to be a douchebag, don't be a dumb douchebag. 
Of course stay tuned to your favorite blog…

The Single Mom


PumpkinHat said...

Anyone who uses 'mezmerized' and 'giddy' is probably full of shit. Just sayin'.

At least you found out and paid attention to that red flag from before.

Nickel Pickle said...

ugh.D-bag for sure, glad you figured this one out before hand. What an ass.

singlemom said...

@punkinchapeau... OMG I laughed so hard when I read that... way too funny. Ya, he was charming but you know we all watch too many movies and want to believe a man would say those things and mean them. There are good ones out there, I know it. Where do they hang out though, apparently NOT online. Thanks!! xo

singlemom said...

Thank you, NickelPickel... really7 I've fallen for crap like this before and of course some people do or else they wouldn't run their game, but why? I don't get it, I really don't. I guess I'm destined to date them all, tell y'all how I figured them out and hopefully save someone else, because I keep meeting these winners.

Smooches!! Thanks for reading, love! <3

DavidRayDog said...

It's mind boggling what some guys think they can get away with. Or maybe they don't think enough about what they're saying/doing? Then there are those that do nothing by think and ultimately never get anywhere . . .

singlemom said...

Thanks, DRG. Yes, I know but some women do it too. It's sad that people have to be like this it really is. Unfortunatly, it makes it harder for everyone when people are like this, more people lie and build up walls and its a viscious circle. :(

Thank you, darlin for reading and for being my long distance friend.

Smooches and tingles!