Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Skinnydippin & a First Date

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So, it was my birthday, Katie and I had a lot of free drinks and our platonic guy friend picked us up… what should happen next?  Hmmm…. Well we could go to Waffle House for some hash browns, or Taco Bell’s drive through but neither of those things really occurred to us.    The two of them had a secret plan to make this a very memorable birthday for me.   
We were in the car when they announced that we were on our way to a hot tub.  Sweet, I love hot tubs! First thought was yikes, I don’t have a suit with me.  Seriously, in the 40-something years, well now 40-something plus one years of life, I’d never gone skinnydipping.  Apparently that was about to change.  
I know I had close to 10 drinks and was hammered.  Skinnydipping really did sound like a good idea at the time.  Sounds a whole lot less of one now sitting here in front of a laptop, but at the time it was a kick ass idea.  Katie lives in an apartment complex with a hot tub, check.  It was really secluded and we could get in after hours with her key card.     Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
Jake drove with his headlights off when we were close to the pool area and Katie and  I took off our noisy heels so we could make a sneakier entrance to the hot tub.  Jake was sober and laughing at the two drunk girls walking arm in arm, like 12 year olds approaching the water.   We were all laughing as a matter of fact, cracking ourselves up and trying to be quiet at the same time.   
Within a few seconds we were at the edge of the water, dipping our toes in.  DAMN it was cold and there was no way we were getting in that cold water on this chilly evening.   Nope.   Well, dammit it would have been awesome to scratch something off my bucket list on my birthday, no less.    I was really disappointed and wishing we could have gone in.
Deflated, we headed back to Jake’s car.  Jake didn’t say a lot as Katie and I were trying to think of something else to do.   Within a few minutes, we were pulling into another apartment complex.  It was another very nice place with a 24 hour hot tub, warm hot tub.  Sweet.   The gate wasn’t open but Jake knew of a back entrance since his dad worked for the complex.
Katie and I were now cracking up laughing, hope restored.  We were walking quickly to the hot tub, following Jake through the wet grass and around the gravel walkways.    It was very dark and the only sound we could hear was the sounds of the nearby man-made waterfall, well that and our own giggling. 
Tiptoeing through the gate, shoes in hand we could see steam rising up over the hot water, it looked so inviting and warm.   We dipped our bare feet into the hot, bubbling water only to be shocked with just how hot it really was, ouch.   It took a few minutes for our feet to get used to the heat. 
Pretty soon clothes were on the side and we were getting used to the hot water we were now immersed in.  Jake was a complete gentleman covering his eyes and turning his head.  I did jokingly ask him for help covering my breasts to give my hands a break, but he knew I was joking.  It was completely dark and we all talked and laughed the entire time.    We went completely unnoticed and when we were finished, walked out laughing and celebrating our fun memory.    It was truly a birthday I’ll never forget and it was great having an adventure.                                                                                                                                                                                                 

First Date (With a No-Nickname Manager at a Manufacturing Plant who took me to an Irish Pub for dinner)
So, this first date was so similar to many first dates lately.  It’s getting a little boring to write but I’m sure it’s probably not boring to read because there’s so much action.   Unrecriprocated action, but action no less, huh?    We began talking a few weeks ago, an email here and there, nothing too serious.  To be honest, I was probably keeping him at an arm’s length.  Since things weren’t really a slam dunk with Freakshow I’ve been keeping my options open.   
He was a manager at a manufacturing company, seemed personable.  He was cute, down to earth and seemed warm.   I finally gave him my phone number and when talked on the phone and he seemed sincere about a relationship.  (Famous last words, right?)
He was sweet leading up to our date.  He sent thoughtful texts a couple of times during the day, we talked a couple of times on the phone and we really seemed to connect.    Laughter, common experiences and warmth made our conversation easy.    We agreed to meet at a restaurant in the middle of both of our two suburbs.  He insisted on taking me out to dinner, after I made the suggestion for drinks. 
When we met, he seemed really happy with my appearance.  I wore a sweater, tank top that didn’t show a whole lot of cleavage, jeans and heels.   I could have easily snuck into a PTA meeting and not looked out of place.
Long story short, after dinner we ended up going to his car to talk more.   Well, he tried to talk me into going to his place after a few kisses.   He wanted to feel and kiss my breasts and was somewhat successful doing so.  I turned him down on his offer to go to his place.    I wasn’t incredibly attracted to him but could have been if he didn’t push it.
I got a text from him the next day telling me I was just too sexy (eye roll).  Seriously?    I ignored it.
This leads me to maybe write another post in the future about first dates and physical contact.   I just want to say right here that I’m not a prude.  If I’m into someone, having sex on the first date could happen, not that I think it’s smart but it could and has happened.  Here is a tip for men: if you push me too hard, you turn me off.  Maybe it isn’t true for all women, but for me it is.  If I’m thoroughly attracted to you and I want to rip your clothes off, that’s different.  Otherwise, let me be in the driver’s seat until you grow on me.    That’s all I got.
I hope to hear your comments about this!

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