Monday, May 9, 2011

What's been happenin with The Single Mom? My love life and other good stuff!

So first, my love life… things really just weren’t there for me with Freakshow.  I’m not sure why really, but I think too much time has passed and there was just too much mistrust on my part.  I wasn’t seeing enough real change to invest myself more, so I let him go.    It was good reconnecting with him and healing the past, but there is just a point when too much has happened and too much time has passed. 
As far as dates lately, I’ve met just different versions of Mr. Hands.   There has been connection and attraction, but then they just pushed for sex too damned hard and way too early.   It’s such a turnoff to me and disrespectful.    If they would have backed up just a little bit, there was a good chance they’d gotten a green light.  So, case closed on those applicants.  Next.
But wait, there’s more… there is a New Guy.  Maybe he will even earn nickname status, you never know.  I haven’t met him yet, but from his pictures he is exactly my physical type.  I am attracted to lots of different types, but this is basically my “textbook” type.   He is very tall, dark hair, and a goatee.   He looks like a big teddy bear.   Can you tell how much I’m swooning already?  Seriously, it’s dangerous stuff.
We have only talked and texted but we have an incredible rapport.  He’s funny, smart, well-educated and is a relationship guy.  He loves affection and just seems like a great man.    He has two teenagers and he seems like an awesome dad. 
This has “Trouble” written all over it.  In black marker, no black Sharpie.
I can’t tell you the last time I hit it off with someone and had an immediate physical attraction before I met them.   I know it’s been several years since I’ve felt this much off the bat.   It’s happened a few times, and it’s always ended badly.  
Very badly.  
I’m smarter now, right?  I hope so. 
We’ve had to go a little slowly meeting each other.  He went camping this past weekend with his kids and we couldn’t meet.  He asked me out for tonight and I had a conflict.  We have a date planned for Thursday.  Sheesh, I’m gonna have to wait till Thursday to meet him?   
We are both trying to keep the flirting reasonable and get to know each other.   Trying is the operative word here.   We text all day then he calls me at lunch when and calls me at night.  OMG, I’m in trouble.  We both know there’s something different about this and we’ve so much as said it.   
This is where the veteran dater, The Single Mom steps in and says, “Back your truck up. You haven’t even met each other.  Slow down, hoss.”   All that is true and for as much as I am into him already, once you meet someone in person it can be different for both people.   You just never know how it’s gonna be until you meet in person.
Maybe he’s imagined me differently or likewise.   It’s hard to tell and that’s why I usually don’t get excited until after I meet someone.   Duh.
He recently ended a long term relationship.   So, I’ve been really careful to tell him that we will just take it as it comes and not jump too fast.   I don’t want to pressure him, so that’s my plan for now.  Problem is, I have NO game when I like someone.  None. 
I’m working on that.   Writing about it is definitely going to make me stick to it better.   So, I can’t wait until Thursday night.  Dreamy.  Ya, dreamy.
So, as I was editing this, I just got a text from him.  He cancelled his plans for Wednesday.  So we are going to meet on Wednesday. Trouble, I’m tellin ya.    Ruh ro.


Birthday Stuff
So, Friday night was a little Birthday party for moi and it was really great.   A lot of my friends got together a party for me at one of our local hangouts.  It was really sweet and they made me feel loved.    It was a huge table of friends, cake and presents and the whole nine.  
Funny thing is they are all married and I had to leave early.  My youngest son was home and I couldn’t leave him for long, so I had to leave at about 10.  They gave me shit but that’s what it’s like being a single parent.  I hate the expression, it is what it is, but in this case it fits.  It is what it is.  I can’t complain too much because there are lots of single parents who can’t get out at all, so I don’t have it that badly.  

Mother’s Day Stuff
Mother’s Day was wonderful.  My oldest is a server at a restaurant; he dressed up in his uniform and brought in his little notepad to take my order for breakfast in bed.  He and his brother cooked it and it was so charming.  It was a good day and made me really happy.   They were very sweet to me.

Single Parent Blog award stuff
I’m up for an award of the 25 best Single Parent Blogs.   To be truthful, I can't say it’s an honor just to be nominated, because I nominated myself, so there’s that.   But wait, wait, wait…  come back… I’m actually in the running of top 25 which means I don’t suck that badly!  Go ME!!! 
It’s humbling to be on the list and most of the bloggers have been doing it awhile and have an established readership, some with books even.  Real books, both paper and online.  These are legit writers and there I am in there with all of those big guys.    It’s an honor to be getting votes and not having to show my rack to get them.  I’m not ruling it out though…. Just kiddin.
I’d so appreciate it if you’d gimme just a little click, right here, >  Ya, that’s the spot.   I love it when you click me there, wow!  You really know how to click, doncha?  Have you been working out, I can tell.  ;)
Thank you so much for reading and I’ll keep you updated with all the deets!
The Single Mom


Just Call Me Frank said...

Okay, first...the frosting on that cake picture...where can we lick that off of you? *heehee*

Second, breakfast in bed? Awesome! Makes up for your non-birthday cards...

Third, we've voted for you twice now:0 We think you can vote multiple times (once a day?) so, we will each try to vote for you...if we can remember:)

Fourth, LOVE YOU xoxoxox

~Frank et al

singlemom said...

Mmm, Frankiebaby, tweetie pie... can't imagine life before you. You are the best and I'm so grateful that I know you <3.


TSM/SMD or whatev

Nickel Pickle said...

Ok, Happy LATE birthday & Mothers day! Good luck on your date & how very sweet of your boys!

singlemom said...

Thank you so much, Nickel Pickle!!! I hope you had a great mom's day too! XO