Thursday, June 9, 2011

Reader of the Month - May 2011

Motorcycles, Nascar and The Single Mom's Dating Diary, huh?  How do these things fit together? 

It started with a simple conversation on Twitter one morning and has ended up being a friendship.  Alan has been reading The Single Mom's Dating Diary for a few months and has been in my corner rooting for me ever since.   He is a loyal reader and always has a comment or even advice after reading.  

I was recently nominated for a blog award and the general public could vote multiple times.  Alan faithfully voted for the blog every single day.   He wrote himself a note next to his computer to remind him.  Being a new blog, this kind of grassroots support is my lifeblood and I'm so grateful for it.

Alan was a single dad for several years and although he's happily married now and a grandfather, he can relate to the single parent lifestyle.   Reading the blog makes him laugh and brings back a lot of memories of trying to keep it all together.    He lives in Pembroke Pines, Florida and enjoys riding his motorcycle, Nascar and reading The Single Mom's Dating Diary.   I'm so grateful for his support and friendship, thank you Alan.   Thank you to all my readers, your support means the world to me! 


The Single Mom


James Marriott said...

This world needs more people like Alan. Shake his hand for me if you ever get the chance to meet him.

singlemom said...

~James, I couldn't agree with you more. Meeting so many wonderful people has been the sweetest suprise of this entire experience (yourself included). Alan definitely picked me up when I needed it and kept me believing in this crazy dream. Thank you for reading and for your comment! Smooches!!!