Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Sexy Second Date with "Latin Lover"

When his text came in I was really surprised.  It said, “Do you want to come up tonight?” 

I knew that “Latin Lover” was going on vacation to visit his family for two weeks in the morning and this would be the last time to see him for a while.   Fortunately, both of my kids had plans and were gone and there was really no reason I couldn’t go.  Since our first date we tried several times to get together and it just didn’t work out.
I think I surprised myself when I texted him back that I would come up.  Was I really going to do this?   The drive to his town, “Latin Lover Land” (we will call it) is two hours away.  I’ve been there many times, unfortunately many bad memories in that city, but that was in the past.    He was in an offsite meeting at a hotel in a busy, upscale shopping district.  I knew exactly the hotel he meant, it was a gorgeous colonial hotel that I’d always wanted to see.
The two weeks that passed after our first date have been spent texting and emailing the tone has been very flirty and picking up where our first date left off.   On our first date, we got a little carried away, thanks in part to Mr. Cuervo (Jose Cuervo) and the intense attraction we felt for each other.  I wouldn’t say I exactly regretted it but I hoped it didn’t harm the chances of something long term happening.
I spent the next few hours primping, obsessing about what to wear and picturing what tonight would be like.  Honestly, I was really nervous, no extremely nervous.  I’m not exactly sure why I was, but I really was.  I really didn’t have a reason to be, we were attracted to each other, had a lot to talk about and basically he’s a good man.  I suppose I was nervous because this date was a step forward.  I wanted to take this step, but I was scared to at the same time. 
It was an incredibly hot and humid day and choosing something to wear was difficult.   I wanted to be dressed nicely but not too stuffy.    I also didn’t want to look too casual or slutty because conceivably there was a possibility of running into one of his colleagues.
I decided to wear a skirt but tried on 4 different ones, and about four different blouses for each one before I made my final choice.   I opted for a romantic look since our first date I dressed really sexy.   So this time, I wore a feminine, lavender blouse with ruffles that really highlights my blue eyes.  It also accentuates my tan skin and shows enough cleavage without being too much.   I chose a black knee length skirt that has a lot of movement, and wore black high heels to finish the outfit. 
Let’s just say my razor and I spent a lot of quality time together and I did an intensive moisturizing regimen so my skin would be baby soft.  I curled my hair and carefully put on makeup.   In short, I spent more time getting ready for this date than any event I can remember in a very long time. 
When I got in my car to begin the two hour drive, I texted him telling him I was on my way.  I still couldn’t believe it and I’m pretty sure he couldn’t either.   He texted back that he was excited and it helped make my nerves subside a little, just a little. 
The two hour drive was essentially a two hour daydream, a checklist of what to talk about, replaying memories of our first date, remembering his kisses and trying to explain to myself that I was really doing this. 
As I was approaching the city, I made a wrong turn switching expressways and had to take an exit and ask for directions.  As I pulled over, he texted me telling me that his meeting was running 30 minutes late.   It was perfect because now I had time to get there without holding him up, which was a relief.
The drive went fast and before I knew it I was at the hotel looking for a spot, nervous but excited to see him.  I found my way to the lobby bar, the pianist was playing “Mandy” by Barry Manilow, for some reason it made me chuckle.  I sat down, crossed my legs and checked emails while I waited for him.  Several minutes later he appeared looking extremely handsome in grey trousers and a long sleeved dress shirt.   He leaned down and gave me a long, passionate kiss that made me melt. 
He suggested we move to the sports bar around the corner, get some drinks and get more comfortable.   We sat down at the bar and ordered chilled shots of Patron, appetizers and caught up on the past couple of weeks.   He was drained from the long meeting and looking forward to his vacation.  It was time for him to relax and put the day behind him.    I could see the stress leave his face and his posture soften.
As we were talking we both were smiling from ear to ear, both of us obviously so happy to see each other.  We talked for a few minutes then took a break to kiss, a pattern that we repeated several times.
As he kissed me, his hands ran up and down my silky, bare legs.     My hands rubbed his thighs and the passion between us was obvious, perhaps bordering obnoxious.   In fact, although we had privacy where we were sitting, an employee of the hotel kept walking around us seemingly checking that we weren’t getting too out of control.  We just giggled at her little spying missions like two busted schoolchildren.
We talked about our mutual religion, Catholic.  We hadn’t discussed it before and he didn’t know we had this in common.  We talked about how we felt about it and how we’d experienced judgement about being divorced.    Our conversation touched on our kids, families, my blog, sports and how sexy our first date was.   

We laughed about how public our affection was on our first date and how much we wanted each other.   He also talked about how pleasantly surprised he was that I came up tonight and how excited he was when I said I would.    He also talked about when (NOT if) I come back and the places we could go and the things we could do.
He kissed my fingers, arms, the inside of my elbow and the exposed skin where my blouse ended as he whispered “Mmmm”  and “You make me crazy”.  His face was so close to my breasts and I know he wanted to kiss them but we had an audience.    He inhaled a deep breath and his mouth again found mine in another long, hot kiss as his hands were traveling up my skirt, thighs and now on my bare ass.
We were both turned on by the feeling of his hands on my bare skin, sharing in a secret just between us.   The sexual tension between us was building and we both stared into each other’s eyes sharing in our private moment.
I don’t remember ever being this swept away by a man before not just physical attraction, but also his charm and intelligence.    I’m pretty sure that even if we didn’t kiss or touch that it would be impossible to hide our attraction for each other.  It would be obvious in the way that we look at each other, how long we hold eye contact and the naughty smirks we exchange.
The night was flying by and his flight left in just a few hours.  He had to go home and get a few hours of sleep before heading to the airport.  It really didn’t make sense for me to go to his place because I’m sure we wouldn’t get any sleep, so I decided I should drive home.  
We paid our tab and snuck off to find a private place.  We hopped into the first elevator and as soon as the doors closed, pounced on each other until the doors opened again.   He pulled me into the stairwell and we took advantage of the privacy.  

Under the bright lights and the hot stale air in the stairway, our hands and mouths explored each other as sweat formed on our brows.   The time apart and the flirty conversation we just shared made us so hungry for each other.   Although the stairwell was private, someone could have walked in on us which only made it hotter.  We spent about 20 minutes exploring each other with our hands and mouths in the hot stairwell.   We then made a quick exit back into the summer's night like nothing happened, giggling about our secret passionate moment.

Although extremely hot, our dates have been a tease of what it will be like to actually be together for an entire evening.  We haven’t been able to have a full dinner of “Filet Mignon” yet, I know when we finally do it will be an explosive, marathon session.    I think this is going to be one steamy, hot summer and I know I could so easily fall head over heels for this incredible man.
The Single Mom


Jenniffer said...

Aahhhh!!! Torture!!! lol Gah, so friggin HOT! I'm so so so so soooooo glad you went out with him again!! :D Until Latin Lover, Southern Gent was my fav.. what happened to him??
Sooo... when are you seeing LL again?! You seem so happy! I hope this keeps up!! :)

Jenniffer said...

Aahhhh!!! Torture!!! lol Gah, so friggin HOT! I'm so so so so soooooo glad you went out with him again!! :D Until Latin Lover, Southern Gent was my fav.. what happened to him??
Sooo... when are you seeing LL again?! You seem so happy! I hope this keeps up!! :)

Just Call Me Frank said...

OMG...we are SOOOOOOO jealous of your hot make out sessions...we forgot what that's was never like that with FF....soooo jealous!! we bet you are glowing like the mood all day long <3


Frank et al

singlemom said...

~Frankie, ya it was hot and exciting, unlike anything I've experienced before. It's hard for me to just enjoy it and live in the moment a little... I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop and I'm fighting that. I think sometimes I sabotage my own happiness because I've been hurt.

Hugs n smooches! SMD

singlemom said...

~Jenniffer, Thank you!!! It was off the charts HOT, yowza! He's in California for the next two weeks, :( I'm hoping to see him when he gets back. I read too much into everything but I think its a good sign that he wanted to see me before he left. Fingers and toes crosssed...

Southerngent, wow where to start??? We were still talking until just recently. He just was so hot and cold and couldn't move forward. It was like he was scared or something. I'm such a strong person that I can't handle weakness like that and I especially can't risk my heart to someone who is wishy washy. He let me down one too many times, so it was time to let it go.

Thanks for reading, thanks for all your support, it makes a huge difference!


bleu said...

Ok, so just just hit pause on the NY Housewives to read.. lol. Glad you guys got together again. Steamy hot!!! You are definitely going to have a hot summer.

singlemom said...

~Bleu You crack me up! This one was definitely worth hitting the pause button! Wow, I'm still daydreaming about it and scared at the same time. Thanks for reading! Smooches!

DavidRayDog said...

Wow! Yeah, stairwells can be some of most romantic places . . .

singlemom said...

~DavidRayDog... I agree, just hoping there weren't any security cameras. Yikes. Ruh Ro! <3


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