Friday, July 8, 2011

Fame, Love and NOT settling...

Learn to say 'no' to the good so you can say 'yes' to the best.”  John C. Maxwell

Many Saturday nights have been spent surrounded by empty Chinese food takeout boxes, a chick flick and chocolate in some form or another.  I've turned down many a date with a douchebag to sometimes find myself  alone.   If I have learned one thing through the chaos of dating, it is that sometimes if something doesn't feel right it isn't right.  Let it go.  Wait for the perfect fit.   I recently had to apply this to my writing career.   I had to make one of the most difficult decisions of my life.

I began writing this blog out of a passion to create place for sharing, laughter and inspiration.   I feel like I have so much to contribute about the mistakes I've made and the things I've learned along the way. (Basically, I suck at life and I want you to feel better about yours in comparison, lol.)   I write to entertain, but I also aspire to empower and teach.  Although I'm still growing myself as a person I do try to learn from teachers who implant positive messages into my brain.  I feel a responsibility to share optimism and hope with you, sprinkled with the necessary dose of reality. 

My intentions for writing are extremely honest and without sounding full of myself, generous.  I put myself up on this stage with my flaws and boo boos for the world to read and judge.   I want to make you laugh and to give you some of the wisdom I've learned from my degree at  HKU - Hard Knocks University.    Not to be all "Molly McBraggypants" but I do have my PhD in getting my ass kicked and I'm happy to share my lumps with you.   I don't really care if you are laughing at me or with me as long as I've made you happy for a minute in your day.

I never aspired to be famous and although I'm writing a book, thought I could stay anonymous forever or pretty damned close to it.   In retrospect it sounds a little naive.   I've only been doing this for six months and I'm extremely overwhelmed about the opportunities that have come my way in a short time.   In fact, recently I was invited to be on a new tv talk show for Fox.  It's an excellent talk show, well produced and will help many people.  In short, I cannot wait to see it and I encourage you to watch it.  It's called Father Albert and is hosted by a former Catholic priest, now an Episcopal priest.   Although this exact topic wasn't a perfect fit for me, I know another better opportunity will arise. 

As a reader, I ask you to let me know your thoughts about me doing things like this in the future (either comment here or send me a private message).  Would you like to see me do appearances like this or do you think it goes against what I'm trying to accomplish?

I took a page from my "dating book" and realized sometimes if it isn't the right fit, it isn't worth trying to make a square peg fit into a round hole.  Keep looking for the round hole.  (Get your mind out of the gutter please and back to the analogy, thank you.)   

Thank you for being such an important part of my life and for all of your support.  I have faith that if I keep doing this for the right reasons that good things will happen.  I'm amazed about the amount of love you've shown me.   And you, with your naked pictures, especially you.  Just kidding.


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James Marriott said...

Have to admit, if you'd showed me that clip earlier I would have been much less excited about the opportunity. Glad your publicist talked you out of it now. Sorry.

I think if the "right" show came along at this point then I'd say go for it. Once the book gets published then I think you could be less choosy about TV shows. Of course you still wouldn't want to do one that didn't paint you in a good light. I'd definitely stay away from these Jerry Springer type shows though, especially religious ones!

You have to remain true to your original objectives and reasons for writing. It is exactly those things that will make you a success but my fear is the wrong show will push you down a different path. Whilst the 15 minutes of fame would be good I think it would prove ultimately harmful.

I love your style, openness and unedited truthfulness. Those kind of shows in my opinion are about none of those things.

Stick to the original plan and you will be a success.


P.S. You said you weren't going to mention "those" pictures...

singlemom said...

Oh, gosh James I think this is a very well done show. I didn't have any hesitation about the quality of it at all and I'm afraid you might have the wrong impression. I haven't seen any of them yet to know for sure, but I didn't get any vibes at all about it being anything less than top notch. They focus on relationships and trying to make lives better.

Thanks for your comment and I'll keep you posted of course.

Smooches, SM

Anonymous said...

OMG Father Albert has a TV show!?!?!
The priest cavorting around south beach with his girlfriend? No freaking way. Wow that totally cracked me up.

Jenniffer said...

I agree with your move.. I don't think thats quite the right match.. Maybe could have turned out alright or fairly decent.. but you'll know when the RIGHT opportunity comes to you. And I don't think it will be long ;)