Saturday, July 9, 2011

Reader of the Month for June - Jenniffer A.

Her comments came out of the blue and had a huge impact on me.  A few months ago, Jenniffer found The Single Mom's Dating Diary and it struck a chord with her.  She wrote to me thanking me for writing the blog because it inspires her, makes her laugh and she felt like someone out there understood what she is going through.  She's a strong, sassy, smart and independent single mother living a lot of the challenges I write about.

She sat down and read the entire blog from beginning to end in one sitting and has shared it with her sister (another single mom) and her entire group of Facebook friends.   (Big Smooches to her for this!!!)

Since then, we've shared stories and compared notes.    She tells me how inspired she is by me, but I'm also inspired by her.  Her strength and will are obvious and it makes me realize the impact of why I do this.   Although I love getting emails from anyone who has enjoyed the blog, it means even more to be a small part of inspiring someone else and giving them encouragement to get back up off that mat one more time alongside me.   We suit up and go into battle again.  This hot, feisty, lil single mama and I are gonna be the ones kicking life's ass and not letting it kick ours.  I'm grateful to have met her and I'm so glad she found the blog.

Here are her own words about The Single Mom's Dating Diary:

I look forward to grabbing my coffee in the mornings and reading your updates. Its like getting your daily does of 'girl-talk', while sharing the occasional heartbreak that all us single moms often feel we face alone. It's refreshing to read a witty and honest capturing of real life dating in the shoes of a fellow mom. Not the sugar coated spews of a glamorized life, but an honest account by a regular mom, making it day by day in the comical (and sometimes pull-your-hair-out) life of a SingleMom :)
You know I love your blog girlie, Its one of the highlights I look forward to checking into regularly :D

Jenniffer, big smooches to you for reaching out to me and also for your support.   It truly means the world to me and validates why I do this crazy thang.  

Thank you to all who read, whether it's every single post or whenever you can.  I'm grateful to be a small part of your world and I want to lift you up and make you laugh whether you are a single parent, a single person or a married person living vicariously through me.   You give me so much and I thank you so much! 


The Single Mom


James Marriott said...

A really beautiful post MJ. Nothing I can say other than big hugs to both you and Jenniffer and as always thank you for sharing your life with us.

*sits here choked up*


Jenniffer said...

Aww :) Thank you so much SingleMomma!
I'm glad I can do my small part to lift your spirits & encourage you, as well as other women, in any way I can. The Lord knows I've had to be picked up & helped several times myself..

We women need to stick together, lift each other up when we get knocked down, band arms, and plow forward defying any obstacles thrown our way! ;)

DavidRayDog said...

Yay Jennifer! Yay Single Mom and single moms everywhere ~ you guys rock!

Nick said...

I just wanted to leave a quick comment about how I thought it was funny when I got to the end of this post there was an ad for "". LOL. Good one! Excuse me while I go mingle with some Christians about shit. brb! :-P

Alan0456 said...

Jenniffer A is another good addition to this ever growing family and much better looking then last months reader of the month! ladies keep up the good work!

Michelle A said...

Awww. This is my sister and she shared this page with me a few months ago. I read up to May, then life got hectic and i'm finally coming back! Jenn and i just had an "i-told-you-so" moment with a guy in my life :( and reading your experiences as well as her telling me straight up "i've been through it he's a loser", really does help weed out some that just dont belong. Keep up the blog and the good work!

singlemom said...

Thank you Michelle for reading and for sharing your experiences with me. We have to hold each other up and be real with each other especially when the other one doesn't want it or can't see it. Big smooches, sis of the Reader of the month... that should mean something, huh? Smooches!