Friday, July 29, 2011

A Romance with a Reader? (part 2: The First Phone Call)

I took a deep breath and called his number.  I dialed and was a little taken aback when he picked up on the first ring.  He said hello in a cheery voice, he sounded totally different than I imagined.   I also picked up from his voice inflections how sensitive and caring of a person he is.    In the first minute of the call, I introduced myself to him.  The entire time we’ve messaged online, (almost two months now) I hadn’t told him my real name or where I live in relation to him.    I’ve seen pictures of him, but he’s only seen my cartoon drawing and he had no idea where I live or my name until just now.
He thought my name was beautiful and my voice was sexy.    I was appreciative but sure that I sounded like an idiot.  The normal me is so confident and always dealing with my issues on my own.  Calling someone in the middle of the night, crying was so uncharacteristic of me.  I’m always strong, don’t break too often at all... well this breakdown was a doozie.    
I didn’t want to talk about the reason I was so upset so we talked about everything else.    He started off saying thank you and how much he appreciated my trust in him.  He knew how guarded I am about my anonymity and it meant a lot to him that I had faith in him.   
He asked me questions about me and my kids, where we live.  I wanted to know about his family and the city he called home.  We talked about our friendship and he opened up that his feelings for me went further than friendship.  Hearing this was a little surprising and I didn’t want to minimize how he felt, but it was hard to understand how he could be so sure.    He’s never seen my face and this was the first time he had heard my voice.   He reassured me that his feelings were real and it was such a rush to finally hear my voice.
He explained that he had grown close to me through my words and so many of them struck a chord with him.  He wanted the same things as I did, to have passion and love again.   He was attracted to my sense of humor on the blog and Twitter and how I was always optimistic through my challenges.    I asked him when he realized that his feelings were more than just the friendship that we cultivated.  He told me that he felt pangs of jealousy after he read a post about my feelings for Latin Lover. Those feelings were surprising to him even and he tried to dismiss them but couldn’t.   He resolved then to hang back and see how the relationship with Latin Lover would resolve, until then he was going to keep in touch every day.                 
He told me how as time passed he thought of me every morning when he woke up, so he wanted to send me those good morning messages.  He also didn’t want to go to sleep without saying good night to me every single night.  As he was saying these words he got a little choked up as the emotion hit him.    This moment was when it all started feeling real and it made me realize his feelings were authentic. 
I told him that I felt close to him but the distance scared me.   I didn’t know what I could feel but I’d be open to it if he wanted me to.  It was only fair in this moment to be honest with him about my feelings for Latin Lover.   Things were still dangling a little and I know I for one I wasn’t sure it was over.   His reaction was so genuine and expressed a lot of gratitude.  He just told me to take my time and he wasn’t going anywhere.  I could tell how honest and sincere he was about his feelings. 
We both were exhausted, happened to check the time and were shocked that we had been on the phone for 2 and a half hours.  We said quick but heartfelt goodbyes and promised to talk again soon.


The Single Mom

Coming soon:  Would  we talk again soon?  What about Latin Lover?   What does my reader say when he sees my face?


Jenniffer said...

Awww!! I've developed many long distance-never-met-before relationships.. female friendships as well as male, though I've never ventured into the romantic department with them.. I'm glad that I can call 2-3 of them really good friends of mine, who even if I don't talk to them regularly.. if something major happens, they are on the phone with me and there for me with advice and standing in my corner!
I cannot WAIT to see how this plays! Do you meet him?!? :)

Anonymous said...

I feel like at the end of this you need to insert a sound effect... dum, dum, dum!

This is cute. And weird because I take it he's reading all of this? EEK

Anonymous said...

Why would you do that??? why would you write something like that and wait until i'm well over the cliff and hanging by my fingernails until I drop from excitement!

I'm really looking forward to finding out what happens next, and a little apprehensive that he doesn't yet have a name.. glad that the thought came up :)

- wubanger

singlemom said...

Jenniffer, thanks lil mama! I was nervous doing this and then writing about too. He's an awesome man and we are talking about meeting soon and I can't wait! Smooches! SM

singlemom said...

Mutantsupermodel, I laughed out loud when I read your comment... dum dum dum! How funny! I feel like that too and he knows so much about me, I'm screwed, huh? Just kidding. He's an incredible man, and I can't wait to spend time with him. Thanks for reading and making me laugh! Muah! SM

singlemom said...

Dear Wubanger, I resent the implication that I'd write a cliffhanger to make you stay tuned. Never! (ok I lied, big time) Well it is new of course, this convo (<intentional word choice) was a couple of weeks ago now... the distance is scary and I'm hoping that expectations aren't too high, but we will have to see how it goes. Thanks for everything! Smooches!!! <3

DavidRayDog said...

Ooooooo yesss! Anxious to read the next chapter!