Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Romance with a Reader: Our First Skype Date - Sheepish Grins and Nervous Laughter (Ch 7)

An anonymous blogger and a chance meeting with a man on Twitter.  He began reading her blog and fell in love with her sight unseen.   After a couple of months of friendship, she turned to him when she was upset and they shared a phone call that would change their lives.  They have been talking a lot and getting close.  In fact the last time they told each other those three  words "I love you."  He’d never seen my face except in pictures, this is our first “Skype date”.
I’m not exactly sure why I had so many butterflies in my stomach before our first Skype date.   He’d seen a picture of me and we’d been talking for a couple of months, mostly on Twitter, then email, phone and texting.  We knew each other very well and had shared a lot about each other.    We were close friends and I felt like I could tell him anything.    He always showed me he cared, sent me friendly messages every morning and every night.    Yet, there was something about talking on Skype that made it feel like another milestone in our relationship, as silly as that sounds. 
I got ready like I would for a real date and my jitters made it extremely difficult to apply eyeliner and mascara.   I told myself how foolish I was because I knew he loved me, was attracted to me and I didn’t have to worry about getting spinach on my teeth, like a normal date.  I had my computer set up in my bedroom, the kids had eaten dinner and I could now focus on making myself presentable for a “first date”.
Choosing something to wear was as difficult as for a first date, well from the waist up anyway.   After trying on a few things, I chose something feminine, pretty and replied to his text that I was almost ready.  It didn’t help matters that it took longer than I anticipated to download Skype and to get it all situated. 
As I was waiting, I was trying to think of things to say.   What would we talk about, just like any first date, except that I knew I wouldn’t have to worry about sleeping with him on the first date, haha. 
When we finally were connected, the display and interaction felt more real than I envisioned it would.  He looked like his pictures and I was hoping he thought the same.   He smiled when he saw me and seemed genuine when he told me I was beautiful.   I was trying to hide my sheepish grin and my nervous laughter.    I’m sure I didn’t succeed in the least.
Our first “Skype date” went really well and I felt that we were more connected after it.  It was good hearing the voice and seeing his face with his gestures and it really was like another milestone.     We had several other dates over Skype and it became much more comfortable after the first one, well maybe too comfortable ;)


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