Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Second Date: Passion, Romance and Laughter

Second date: Keep it simple stupid SMD.  (SMD = @singlemomdate on Twitter)
I was both nervous and excited getting ready for our second date.  I had jitters and as the day went on I was looking more forward to see him again.    (Note: his name was originally “Twitterguy”.  We are still trying to pick out a nickname for him, most of them we’ve come up with are a little (a lot) naughty - stay tuned…)
Since our first date almost 10 days or so ago, we’ve kept in touch a lot.   It’s been a mixture of sweetness, humor and flirting.  He is hilarious and sometimes I wish I could publish some of our conversations, they are so funny.
Our interactions haven’t been serious at all and I think a lot of that is me keeping some walls up.  I can’t explain what it is but I’m not able to get close right now.  Maybe that’s a good thing for both of us; it just is light and fun.  I’ve been sometimes blunt to him about what I’m looking for and what I’m NOT looking for.  I definitely am not looking to be a notch on a belt.  
It was uncharacteristic of me but I texted him once recently that wasn’t ready for any big commitment or anything but I also didn’t want to be a booty call.   Love hasn’t worked out so well for me, so I’m not going to look for it for awhile.  
He’s someone I have a lot of respect for and I enjoy being with.   It’s just too early for either of us to make it about a whole lot more than that.  He’s a lot taller than me, cute, brown hair, a goatee and moustache.  He's good looking and I'm getting more attracted to him every time I see him.
I admire a lot about him because he is a veteran, works two jobs, is a seemingly good parent and he has a lot of traits that I respect.  He cracks me up and is always sweet to me.  Probably the biggest difference about us is that he doesn’t seem to overthink things like I do.  He’s really simple and I mean that in a good way. 
The plans for this date were a lot different than a typical second date.  Since he lives an hour from me, I guessed he’d likely stay, although we didn’t discuss it.   It was a little awkward because one of my sons was going to be home.   My house has a lot of privacy though, sometimes the kids are home and I don’t even know it and vice versa.  Yet, there was a chance that he’d have to meet my son and it was too early for that.   I just tried to not overthink and what if it to death and just enjoy the date.
It was nice getting firewood together in case we’d have a fire, getting blankets together, lighting candles and putting out a snack tray so we could hunker down for a little.  It was a crisp fall night and having him come to my home for a cozy date was really exciting to me. 
I wore my hair straight, jeans, heels, and a black long sleeved shirt that has some strategically sheer parts.  It’s not over the top sexy but it was good for a second date and a night at home.   It made me happy when his text came in that he was in my driveway.  I was excited to open the door and see him standing on my porch; he came right in and kissed me for a long time.   I think all he said when he saw me was “mmm” and we kissed for a few straight minutes. 
I enjoyed the way he kissed me so much, this session was in sync and passionate.   I think our attraction had only grown over the time that we spent apart and the passion was obvious in our kissing.  His hands were clenched tightly around my waist and then slid down to my ass, bringing me tight against his body.  
It was just a few minutes of hardcore, passionate kissing that left us both breathless.  We stopped and made a little joke about it to break things up.    He was obviously turned on but he was being careful to not make things go too fast, which looking back now I appreciate more than in that moment.   He was trying to be a gentleman but clearly he didn’t want to be.
We walked into the family room a football game was on but muted, and my laptop on the ottoman.  We got comfortable and I’m not sure how the subject came up, but we started talking about our horoscope signs and compatibility.   To stall our inevitable passionate make out session, I grabbed my laptop and looked up our signs’ compatibility.  
Our signs are Sagittarius and Taurus and it basically said that we will have incredible bedroom chemistry but our personalities would be too different to make the relationship work in the long term.  We both made a joke about it and I teasingly asked him if he just wanted to leave now since we were ultimately doomed.    I was chuckling about it but faked a serious poker face and looked at him; he answered my question with a long passionate kiss.   I took that as a “no”, ha ha.
He’s so unassuming and simple that it makes it easy to be with him.   It actually might be a good balance for me because he just makes things simple.  If I’m overthinking something, he cuts it down with a joke  and makes me realize I’m making too much of something. 
I was lost in his kisses and it felt so comfortable having him in my home, me in his arms, bathed in candelight and romantic music playing.   His arms were around me tightly and I could feel his strength surrounding me, enveloping me.  It was so comforting to be kissed and held like this.   He kissed me softly and started gently kissing my neck.  
His whiskers tickled my bare skin and made me melt down inside my own skin as he kissed me.   His gentle kisses turned to gentle bites and it made me have some extremely impure thoughts… and I liked it, a lot.   He mumbled something about the way I smelled and I was too engrossed enjoying his kisses to ask him to stop to repeat it.

The Single Mom 
Next time... how does the evening/morning end?                                                      


sxybklvr said...

Very nice, first post I have read on your blog. But I like your honesty. The mixed feelings and the passionate positive ones.

Not sure I am ready to post any dating on my blog. Then again I am in single mode so there hasn't been any since I started it.

Glad I found you.

Jenniffer said...

:D Glad to see things are going to great!!!! :D :D :D
I've really missed checking into your blog the past week or two. my cell just isn't capable:/
But I'm DEF interested in this Twitterguy.. Bold & Brave move taking him home, and very reassuring that you felt so comfortable to do so ;)
I can't wait to see how this turns out! Single momma is getting her passion back on!! ;) haha
<3 it!! ~ Jenn