Friday, October 21, 2011

A Second Date: Passion, Romance and Laughter (Part 2)

This is a second date with a man I met on Twitter, he doesn't have a real nickname, yet.

Feeling his kisses on my neck was making me crazy and he enjoyed every second knowing he was affecting me   He moved my hair to the side to kiss the back of my neck, making me shiver.   His kisses were starting to get to me and I loved having his hands touching my long hair as he kissed me.
My hands were exploring his sexy body and we were pulling each other so tightly as we kissed.  It was both passionate and romantic at the same time.  We’d take short breaks to make eye contact, smile and start kissing again.  I held his chin in my hand and I kissed him hard.  Both of us were running our hands over each other, kissing and ya that’s it nothing else happened.  Nope, not a thing nothing to see here, folks.  Ok, thanks for coming.   The end.   (Waves goodbye)
Ok, well maybe some other stuff happened, not much stuff at all or anything.  It was practically nothing, in fact I think maybe we kissed and that’s about it.   No, I’m not lying… why do you ask?  Ok, ok maybe a little, tiny white lie, but the smallest of all lies, ever. 
Something else kinda happened, I think, maybe… and then I said something funny (but I can’t tell what it was because it was a little naughty and I don’t want you to think the wrong thing about me, haha)… and he cracked up laughing.  It was one of those moments that you say something and the other person laughs so much harder than you expected.  Ya, but I still can’t exactly tell you what happened or what I said.   Don’t be mad at me, ok?  I’m sorry… the real deets will be in the director’s cut… lol. 

So, after I melted his face off, we got comfortable and he held me close to him.  We had this moment of passion, followed by laughing out loud and then it ended with a sweet cuddling session.  My head rested on his chest, his arms around me. 
It was relaxing to listen to him doze off and start to gently snore; it was surprisingly so comfortable being with him.  It was easy and fun being together and lying on him while he was falling asleep was such a sweet ending to the night.  My head rested on his chest as he breathed in and out. 
I fell asleep a few minutes later and it felt amazing to be held so close in his arms.   We were both still fully clothed and the house grew colder as we slept.  I hunted down a couple of blankets and covered us up so we could keep warm.    
We didn’t sleep all that well, sharing the couch, but it was still nice being together.   One time during the night when we woke up, I tried to take off my bra, which of course he was very willing to help.  I pulled the lacy black straps down under my shirt as he unhooked it from the back.   Isn’t he such a helpful guy?  I sure thought so.
It was another goofy moment because after I took it off, I did a silly whistle like a sound effect as I threw it across the room.   It was just a random moment that was funny for no real reason; just that it was spontaneous.   Being with him is silly, natural and probably what I need right now. 
His hands and mouth liked the wardrobe change.    We had another hot kissing session and then eventually drifted off to sleep again, tightly holding onto each other.
When we woke up in the morning, we both enjoyed the feeling of waking up in each other’s arms.  We kissed and cuddled a little more and it was time for him to get up and head home.  He made a joke as he was leaving that he was extremely relieved that I didn’t really have any cats.  We laughed and had a long kiss at the front door, just like when he arrived.   My arms wrapped around his neck and his around my waist, kissing and happy from a passionate and romantic night.


The Single Mom

Thanks for reading... still talking to him, it's just fun and flirty now, which is perfect.  I found out something about "The Reader" that broke my heart... trying to decide if I should blog about it.  


Melissa said...

Well, now that you mentioned that there is something about "the reader" you HAVE to blog about it!! We are all curious!

singlemom said...

Melissa, Oh ok.. thought nobody really cared there... I will write it just getting through the anger of it all before I let it rip... prolly tomorrow... thanks love!!! :D

Linda said...

Okay, I've tried to post this three times...but your blog...while it is starting to sound like soft porn! LOL I mean really...are you REALLY getting involved at a sexual level with another dude from the internet? I'm a single mom. 4 years it took. I am not all...but perhaps you might scale it back a bit. Find someone truly WORTHY of you. Lotta frogs out there. The READER was a liar. There's a lot like him. OKay. Rant over.

Anonymous said...

This is weird, how you're sharing all these details like bad fanfic. No offense but I started reading your blog because you talked about relationships. Now it just reads like a badly written diary of a 15 year old.

singlemom said...

Linda, thank you for your comment, I appreciate it very much. Honestly, the tone of this post was more of a romantic piece, really so I'm somewhat suprised about your reaction. Maybe you think I moved too fast, perhaps? I guess I'm in a different phase of dating, plus its been several months since I've had any real physical intimacy. I'll take your comments to heart though and I appreciate your feedback. Smooches SMD

singlemom said...

Dear Anonymous, "bad fanafic"? and "No offense but..." "badly written diary of a 15 year old" Hmmm... You are coming at me pretty hard there for a casual reader, perhaps your issue is more of a personal one? I'd suspect most people who don't like my bad writing would just not waste their time and not be so mean spirited. In fact, you are the first person to ever attack my writing... This was a light piece with some humor and romance, I find it curious that this specific piece angers you so. However, I thank you for taking the time to share your comments and I do wish you all the best. SMD

singlemom said...

Dear Anonymous, your word choices remind me very much of "The Reader" and that would explain the mean spirited nature of your comments. Hmmm...

BBrowne said...

I'm not sure why anyone would want you to "scale it back a bit" or want to change the way you choose to talk about your relationships. What would be real about that. People should get over their hangups about sex and intimacy and appreciate the fact that you're willing to share so much of yourself. I say don't change a thing! Be real and be you.

sean said...

If that is soft core porn, that is the softest of shot core. Softer than a down comforter, softer than flannel sheets, softer than a baby's bottom, softer than the softest toilet paper, softer than my toothbrush, softer than the softest of soft things that anyone could softly imagine.

Jenniffer said...

I agree with BBrown! You are writing to express YOUR thoughts and YOUR life. If someone doesn't want to read what you are actually thinking and your detailed thoughts, then they can click that little red X in the upper right corner. No since in telling you how to write or what to write about.

We, (your fans!), LOVE hearing what you have to say, virtually embracing you through hurts, cheering for you with the good times, and sitting on the edge of our seat anxious to hear how things are going. Write on SingleMomma, skip on the haterade. Pass the wine and share the deets! We love you!!
~ Jenniffer ;)

DavidRayDog said...


(that's a good thing, just so ya know)