Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Loving Yourself First

Gosh, the past two weeks have been a kick in the junk…  Yet I’m trying to look for the silver linings as always because I’m corny like that.   Writing this series, Love Yourself First has helped me keep the big picture in perspective through the stress, although ironically I’ve been so busy I haven’t been able to write about it as much as I’d like to.
I was pulled to work on a project because we lost several people.    I had been doing some consulting for a tv show in my hometown  but  I got pulled into it fulltime.   It’s been a blast and I have to say I’ve enjoyed the work immensely.   However, I’ve had little time to write and I feel badly about that.  I’ve literally been working almost every day, so it’s been a challenge just keeping everything at home together.    Thank goodness for microwaves and frozen dinners or my sons would have died by now, so yay for modern technology.
The upside is that I love this work,  it’s been so rewarding and has pushed me to learn new things.   I’m also making great connections for my writing, so I can see a lot of big picture advantages down the line.   It's been a huge confidence boost and I've been able to do some assignments that have pushed me.
I’ve had a lot of life stress too compounding all of this and the one thing that has really kept me grounded is the love yourself first promise.  It’s been even more of a challenge than ever to make time to do this, but I’ve been forcing myself to do it every day.   I’ve been doing little things like take a long bath, finding something that makes me laugh, or getting a good cup of coffee.    
My plan when I had the idea for this series was to prepare you in advance for the demanding holiday season.    We are all pulled in so many directions during the season and we often put so much pressure on ourselves that we need to be able to say no to people if need be.    Although this was a grandiose expectation, I hoped that this series contributed in a small way to your positive self-image.
The thought is that if you treat yourself well, you will start to believe that you deserve it, not only helping you have higher self-esteem, but will also build you up to not accept bad treatment when you’re in a relationship.  For me this was a huge lesson and it forced me to reevaluate my life priorities.
The other self-improvement focus I’ve been working on is being less emotionally invested all the way around.  Honestly, I struggled a lot about my last date and how all that went so wrong.   I missed him and our funny exchanges.  It became obvious that I was more attached than I originally thought and it took awhile to process what happened.   
I wallowed in these emotions for awhile and just one day pulled the plug.   I just somehow forced myself to not care.   It's been working and maybe this is where I need to stay for awhile.    Staying unplugged emotionally is a smart way too of making sure that I take care of myself.   
Thank you for reading and I hope you keep loving yourself first!

The Single Mom


Anonymous said...

Nice post. It's something I struggle with and it's nice to see the idea reinforced. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

RIGHT.! you must learn to love yourself first before others.

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RIGHT.! you must learn to love yourself first before others. :))

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