Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Three Exes and The Single Mom

Of the 140 characters I had to use, I probably used less than half of them.  However, I thought about what to say for about two days.   The words were typed, I reread it a few times and I was nervous when I finally sent the cheery holiday greeting.  After I hit “send” I immediately felt lame and hope.  I didn’t expect to hear back from “Latin Lover”, our conversations trailed off this summer during a swirl of chaos in my life.   We hadn’t kept in touch, so this was a random move made possible by my friend, Jose Cuervo.
This summer, I was just starting to get attached to this extremely sexy man.  He is sophisticated, romantic, well-traveled and sensual.   He reminded me of a romantic lead in a crappy romance novel, almost to the point of being clich√©.  His eyes are dark, he has thick jet black hair, and just a hint of a lingering accent.   He reads, travels and is the sexiest man I’ve ever met.  
Because I was getting attached, I became a little short with him instead of hanging back and playing it cool.   We had gone on three HOT dates and I’m sure the 2 hour distance contributed to things not going forward with us.    Sexual chemistry was off the charts, I liked him as a person, respected him and would have made every effort to have him in my life.   That was then and a lot has happened since.
So I hit send and held my breath, feeling a little angry with myself that I had actually gone through with this pathetic move.  Hey, I could always blame it on Jose Cuervo, so at least there was that.   
I walked away from my phone because I didn’t expect to hear back from him and didn’t want to sit there wallowing in my lameness.   I was surprised and happy to hear my text chime within a minute, preparing myself for it to be unrelated.   Running back to my phone, I squealed like a teenager.   It was a text from him and his words melted me to a puddle, two simple words and I was mush, “Hi gorgeous”.     
I of course played it cool and waited about 10 seconds to text him back, lol.  In just a few minutes on this cold December night, we were both transported to a sultry July evening and the thought of his kisses lit me on fire all over again.   Before long we were talking about those passionate summer nights and about getting together again now.  (his idea, not mine)   
If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know I’m taking a break from dating to put energy back into myself.   I vowed to do that until at least the beginning of 2012.  So, I’ve almost served my entire dating rehab sentence, whew.  
However, what is different about me now is that I’m able to make better choices, to see my options differently and to not rush back into a dating situation that is going to be harmful.   Honestly, I’m not in a hurry to start dating again.  I have a lot of exciting stuff going on in my life and dating just to date, isn’t in my plan.
Oddly enough, I’ve also been talking to another ex, “Freakshow”.    We have dated a couple of times both of them really intense, the most recent was this spring.   The way we came back into contact was totally accidental because I ran into him at an event downtown.  Ever since then he’s been texting me.  He’s told me that he was a dumbass for letting me go and wants another chance.   My skepticism has been preventing me from letting my guard down and I don’t really see a difference so far.   We did have a lot of history together and I did have some “L” word feelings for him, but fortunately my brain is staying ahead of my heart, well and other parts of the anatomy. (if you know what I mean, wink)
I’ve also had to draw a line in the sand with “Southerngent”.   We’ve continued to be in touch for several months as friends but he was unreliable about making plans with me and not keeping them.  One of my pet peeves is reliability.   If he’s not reliable as friends he wouldn’t just magically be so if we dated.  Unfortunately, I had to be meaner to him than I really wanted to be when I told him I didn’t want to go out with him.   If I can’t trust him to keep plans, I’m certainly not going to trust him with my heart.  Duh.
I can’t help but to feel selfish right now but it’s definitely a good thing.   Looking back on how I feel and the strength I have to say no to these less than perfect opportunities makes me feel strong.  I don’t think I’d have felt like this if I didn’t do the 30 days of “Loving Yourself First”.    Each of those 30 days I tried to see my own worth and it has paid off for me in the present.  
I’ve had times in the past where a temptation like this, a man saying something I wanted to hear would have suckered me back in right away.  Fortunately, I am doing the things I want to do for myself and not worrying about what someone may or not be feeling about me in any given moment.  Screw it.  Well, at least for now anyway.
Although having a fun, flirty texting chat with Latin Lover isn’t necessarily the healthiest use of my time, it’s a fun little escape and nothing more.    It’s been almost a year of writing about my dating tales and I feel like I’ve come to a very good place.     I see my own value now and I know I’m not going to settle for anything less than I deserve.   I’m not in any hurry to see him if it’s not something that will be good for me, so fortunately I can be objective enough now to know the difference.    
Whew, I’ve come a long way in this year of getting my ass kicked by love.  I hope you’ve enjoyed it too and I can’t wait to see what happens this next year…
The Single Mom


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Jenniffer said...

YEAY for you Single Momma!! :D :D :D

I am DEF eager to continue to read your blog this year!! :)