Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Making 2012 an Awesome, Sexy New Year!

It’s another new year, I hope your 2012 is off to a good start!   It’s always a great time to think about goals and resolutions and then turn around and toss them out the window.  Well, that’s if you’re like me, I hope not anyway.    Change is so hard and if anyone knows that it’s me.
It’s hard to believe I’ve been writing this blog for a year and that is one of the ONLY resolutions I kept from last year: “to write a badass blog about my dating life”.     I shared hot moments with Putter, falling in love long distance with The Reader, a sexy inferno of passion with Latin Lover, a bittersweet reunion with Freakshow, sweet and sexy dates with Twitterguy and a few one hit wonders who never earned a nickname.   You were there with me rooting me on and telling me when I needed to check my hormones and keep my panties on.
Sharing my ups and downs with you has kept me honest and shown me my mistakes.   I’ve been extremely transparent and you’ve responded with feedback, so thank you.   Most of my resolutions were unmet because although I’ve worked so hard this last year my finances have been really tight.  So, most of my resolutions weren’t feasible.   Yet, I’ve grown in so many more ways internally.   I’ve grown to find myself as a woman, be happy without having material possessions and to be humbled, really humbled.
My 2011 resolutions were written before life threw a huge shit sandwich in my face over and over again.   Last year was the hardest year from beginning to end and when I wrote my chipper little resolutions, I had no idea that life was getting ready to kick my junk.   Ok life, you literally brought me to my knees in 2011 but I’m still here dammit.   So what if I didn’t get to take sexy classes every quarter or to have a party.  I grew from the inside out, became stronger and created something very special, this blog.  
Not only did I become stronger and more grounded but my boys did too.  I’ve seen them dig deep and become more balanced young men.  I’m extremely proud of them.  Things will get better for us, I’m convinced of it.    In 2011, I literally worked every single day, not one day off.  No long weekend, no lazy Sunday chilling all day, nothing.       I worked hard to create this blog, a career and a voice.
I grossly underestimated the impact I’d have as a blogger and I’m amazed by it.   Within 6 months, I went from not existing to being named one of the top 25 Single Parents Blogs in the world (in the world, wow!) by Circle of Moms.
A lot of you have told me there’s something about my voice, humor, honesty and my lil Miss Naughty Pants persona that you like.  Somehow it has appealed to men and women alike.    I’m grateful to be able to share this and I’m so grateful for how you’ve cheered me on along the way.   The thought of having fans is still something that is odd to me, but so appreciated. Thank you so much!
So while this year was a struggle, I created something I’m really proud of.  They say pressure makes diamonds and I aspire to create beauty, humor and lots o’ sexy from this time.     

2012 promises to be an outstanding year with or without finding love.   I’ve been working with a local media outlet and several exciting opportunities are opening up for me with that.  The connections I’ve made are really exciting to open doors for my writing to go into new directions and I’m beyond excited about that!  
Also, you may or may not know I come from a marketing background.   I’ve been consulting with a Life Coach to increase her marketing presence and I’m thrilled because I’m going to learn so much about life planning and goal setting that I plan to share with you!  
I have a lot of resolutions for 2012 but I found a way to summarize them down very simply:  To stay sexy… mind, body and spirit.    I plan to take care of myself better this year to be able to write better and to feel better from the inside out.  While I join everyone with trying to lose weight, it goes deeper than that.  
I feed my mind with positive thoughts so that I can write from a positive place, I want to be sexy, funny and inspiring this year.   Last year I let a few negative voices affect me, I’m going to stay strong and not let negativity permeate my spirit.    In essence, I’m going to be confident in who I am, work on me and keep it more simple.   
I can’t wait to share more of my news with you and what I learn, this is going to be a great year and I thank you so much for supporting me and sharing so much of yourselves!   Stay sexy, people!
The Single Mom

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