Sunday, February 26, 2012

Beers, Passion and Wanting More... A Date with My New Man, "Man Candy"

I’ve been so busy with work and trying to squeeze in some life that I haven’t been able to blog much.  Work has been demanding, working most every day.   I apologize, but it’s been a lot to manage work, being a single parent and a new romance. 
We’ve been out on 5 dates and he definitely deserves a nickname.   He’s a former baseball player and good looking in general, so I’m going to call him, “Man Candy”. 
My first date with Man Candy was a night in an Irish Pub with lots of connection, conversation, stolen kisses and hardcore flirting.  We ended the night with a long kissing sesh and talked about seeing each other again soon.   
In the two weeks that have followed, we’ve been talking on the phone almost every night and had a few more dates.   Our dates have been more of the same kind of connection, lots of kisses through the night and long hot kissing at the end of the evening.
It feels like we’ve been going out for a much longer time than we actually have.   It’s gone smoothly and things have just seemed to flow.  He calls and texts regularly and it feels like we’ve been developing a sincere closeness.  He doesn’t keep me wondering if he’s going to call or text and he seems to be genuinely interested in me and what’s going on in my life.  
The odd thing about all this is I can feel myself holding back some.    We’ve been on a handful of dates and there hasn’t been any R-rated physical activity.   I’m not sure if this is part of the reason I feel like my heart is holding back or if it’s something else.    I’ve been through a lot of heartbreak and although I normally fall in love quickly, this time it’s not happening as easily. 
When we first started talking, we both wanted to wait for intimacy until we were sure about our feelings.  Although this is a good thing and I appreciate him not pouncing on me, it’s throwing me off a little and it’s a tad confusing to not be waking up and facing bad decisions.    We talk through things that bother us face to face and don’t have to slink out of a bedroom, panties in hand, avoiding eye contact and feeling regret the next day.
The physical connection between us is strong.  It honestly feels like a high school romance, lots of hot making out and flirty texting between dates.   When we are out, the passion between us is probably borderline offensive.  We kiss a lot, he runs his fingers through my hair and our hands are all over each other.    We are playful and flirty and the desire to be together is obvious.  He’s sexy and our kissing sessions are extremely passionate.    We communicate well, have respect for each other and the passion is there so I don’t understand why I feel like something’s missing.
As I’m getting ready for our fourth date, I’m excited and nervous.   Our flirting has gotten more intense and I haven’t seen Man Candy for a week.    At work all day long, I fought off jitters and planned in my mind what to wear.    My mind slipped into several daydreams during the day and I wondered if things were going to progress past the PG-13 zone tonight.   
We made plans to meet for a drink on a Friday night and because of traffic and crappy weather, I was running late.  I didn’t have a lot of time to get ready after getting the kids off for the night and getting home from work.   I threw on a slinky black blouse that showed a lot of cleavage, more so than anything I’ve worn with him before.   I pulled on jeans and heels and rushed out the door only to be stuck in slow moving Friday night traffic.
Having more time in the car to think was not a good thing.  Over and over I kept processing how the night would go and it made my stomach tie up in knots.   I was late and apologized profusely for it.  His response was to instantly scoop me up in his arms and kiss me passionately, erasing my guilt about being late.
I felt instantly relaxed from the hurry of getting there, ordered a drink and sat down next to him.   Within a few seconds my whole body felt warm and comfortable.   We teased each other, flirted, talked and watched a basketball game together.   I’d been working long hours for the past couple of weeks and it was a lot for us to catch up on.
The hectic day was finally behind me and it felt natural being with him.   We kissed a lot and he tucked his hand inside my back pocket.    The crowd at the bar was more of a 20’s or 30’s YP group, drinking heavily and I’m sure two middle aged people making out was not what they wanted to see, ha ha.   We didn’t care and didn’t hide our affection for each other.   
We held eye contact and the attraction between us was obvious.  I drank more than I normally do and felt uninhibited.   The laughter, conversation and flirting were kicked up a notch.  It felt good to let my guard down with him and I could trust that he wouldn’t take advantage of me.  The night slipped away fast and changing my drink to water was a good choice. 
He walked me to my car as I tiptoed through the gravel parking lot in my heels, trying to maintain my balance and trying even harder to not fall on my ass.   Once we were inside my car, his hand was firmly on the back of my head, pressing my mouth onto his.   We were kissing harder, touching each other and my body wanted more.   We stopped kissing after a few minutes as we collected ourselves and decided that it should end for the night.   
I drove him across the street to his car and we had a long goodnight kiss as we said our goodbyes.   The 20 minute drive home was a time for me to check my hormones and consult my brain.  Although my body was screaming for more, my mind was telling me that it was good to be taking things slowly.    
What we have although passionate and sexy has also some more substance and I’m excited about seeing him again soon.  
Thanks for reading and being patient with me through this hectic time!
The Single Mom
Next time: what happens on our most recent date, and a big heart to heart talk...


DavidRayDog said...

Well alrighty then!
Wifey always said she likes the way ball players look in their uniforms(tight pants).

Jony Gibson said...

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