Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Sexy & Smart First Date with a Smart & Sexy New Man

It was fun getting ready for a date again after having taken off the past few months to regroup.  I’d had my share of bad experiences on the front lines of dating and it was very unlike me but I was really worn down from the emotional rollercoaster of dating. I had one foot in the cat adoption shelter when I realized that it was time to put myself back out there again.
I talked to a few exes, traded some emails back and forth on the dating site again when one made a big impact on me.  I heard from someone I’d talked to and clicked with in the past.   We closed things very amicably last spring when he told me he met someone else and we both went separate ways.   I was happy and surprised to hear from him and when we started talking again, we fell back into a groove rather easily.
I was torn between feeling totally confident that I was ready to date again and totally second guessing that I was.  Taking a break from dating wasn’t something I’d ever really done, especially for a few months so I thought that the longer I waited, the harder it would be for me to get out there again.  I started to focus on work even more and was in a really good place.   Maybe I was in a good place to find someone who was also in a good place in life.
When we started talking on the phone, we clicked on a lot of levels and wanted the same things from life.  We have both become weary from dating and have had similar experiences with love and disappointment.    Yet, we both are hopeful and maybe unrealistic but yet want to find love.   Our first phone call lasted almost two hours and ended with a date for Friday night.   We talked again a couple of times before the date and didn’t run out of things to talk about. 
He’s a few years older than me, has a son a little younger than my youngest and our interests are a lot alike.    Talking to him was very easy and from his pictures he seemed very easy on the eyes too.
Friday couldn’t come soon enough and I know we were both feeling a mixture of excitement and nerves to finally meet.  He sent me a text Friday morning telling me how excited he was that the day was finally here.   I felt the same and fortunately had an extremely important day filled with lots of pressure and meetings all over the city to keep my mind off of the evening.
When the day was finally behind me, it was time to run home and get ready for a date again.   It was actually somewhat nerve wracking and exciting to be applying makeup, straightening my hair and choosing clothes to go out on a date.   It had been a long time and I told myself that since my excitement for the night outweighed my jitters, it convinced me that I was ready to put myself back out there again.
My date and I talked a few times before and I knew that he loves sexy shoes.  So, choosing an outfit started with my red heels, RAWR!  (I never promised that I play fair, did I? Nope.)     I chose a cute blouse with cutout sleeves, but not revealing.  I also wore jeans and pops of red accessories (maybe a red bra that the straps might “accidentally” show a little).    I wanted to look finished but not overdone.   I applied my makeup very carefully and used my secret weapons, yummy perfume and hair perfume too.   (Again, back to the not playing fair thing…)
From the pictures I’d seen of him and our conversations, he was good looking and very athletic.  Looks are definitely not tops on my list and he is definitely one of the most handsome men I’ve dated in awhile.   It didn’t hurt his chances, but it made me a little more nervous.    He’s several inches taller than me and stays in great shape.   
He lives about 40 minutes from me and he offered to drive to my area for the date.  He chose an Irish pub (the same one that a lot of my blog is set in) and holds a lot of happy and fun memories for me.    I drove there quickly and nervously.   He arrived right on time, and I was a couple minutes behind him.   He texted me that he was at the entrance waiting for me, I was sneaky and came in through the back entrance to find him patiently waiting for me alone in the breezeway.
We seemed to recognize each other immediately and the hello smiles and hug quickly turned into a hello kiss right on the kisser.   Well, hellooooah there.    Admittedly, I was a little nervous and it was hard to judge our kissing compatibility based on that impromptu kiss.   This became fodder for teasing and joking over beers for the next few minutes.   We were seated at the very crowded bar, the conversation and the beers were both easily flowing.   It felt very comfortable being with him and he even said so, almost reading my mind.
I was relieved and excited when he made his attraction for me obvious.  He put hand on mine or he stroked my hair and purposefully touched the small of my back where my hair ends.   It was sexy and flirty, and I’m sure we were being a little too much for public, but we didn’t care.    We talked very easily and spent a lot of time laughing during the conversation.   He leaned in closely to both intentionally take in my perfume and to let me smell his cologne – knowing it was my weakness.   
He stopped and said, “Mmm you smell so good and you are so beautiful, wow, just wow” as he leaned in to kiss me again.   The kiss melted both of us and maybe those around us too, ha ha.    After we shared the kiss, we both gazed at each other without speaking for what seemed like minutes.   Although we were in a crowded bar and there was a game on tv right over our heads, it felt like we were totally alone together.
I played with my hair in a flirty way and he commented how it made him crazy.   I answered by biting my lower lip, looking at him and leaning in to kiss him but pulling back in a playful way.    The time flew so fast and I needed to get home for an early day at work the next morning.  
We walked out of the bar, hand in hand we made our way outside on a warmer than normal Midwestern February evening.   After we turned a corner and had some privacy, he kissed me with more passion and pressed his muscular body against mine, pinning me up against a concrete wall.     Our kissing became intense and passionate, peaking with him grabbing my hands from around his neck, holding them over my head while holding my chin in his other hand kissing me harder still. 
His kisses trailed from my mouth down my neck while I was helpless pressed up against the building.   I could feel his hard body pushing against mine as I exhaled and moaned directly in his ear.   His hand gently caressed the outline of my breast before he intentionally adjusted my lacy, red bra strap on my shoulder.
We took a momentary breather from kissing and talked about how we both wanted more but that we wanted to wait until we knew each other better.   He asked me to be careful of his feelings, which was really endearing to me.   He also mentioned that he was excited for me to meet his son and how he definitely wanted to see me again.    So, here is a guy who is good looking, funny, likes shoes and is into me…?   This seems too good to be true, but is it?   I’ll definitely be smart about it and we will see if he sticks around for a nickname…
The Single Mom


Harmony Evans said...

Well. Damn girl. What are you waiting for? ;)

Melissa said...

I LOVE when a first date turns out to be AMAZING!!

DavidRayDog said...

Yessss! This sizzles.