Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cocktails, a big confession... and a couple of nibbles of "Man Candy"


It was a beautiful evening when I stepped out to meet “Man Candy” at the restaurant overlooking the river.   This was our fourth date on our second go around.  Since he’s an ex in “dating math” that’s practically the matching sweaters stage, or at least completely respectable to have intimate relations (translation: hot monkey sex…).   

Going into the date before this, I wasn’t exactly sure if it was a trip to the “friend zone” or to ‘lovers lane”… but after a steamy makeout session and blood rushing to various naughty bits, I could easily rule out the friend zone, check.  However, the last question I wanted to ask myself was “where are we, where is this going?”   I enjoyed this stage of flirting, kissing and talking – there didn’t have to be any exchanges of promises or bodily fluids for me to be happy.  In fact, I’m trying to hold my heart back and to be honest it hasn’t been too hard because he is too. 

I didn’t have a game plan mapped out for this date or any specific moves.  In fact, I worked late and had to rush getting ready for the night.   It was a hot summer night and I wore a very sexy number that showed a lot of cleavage and yet was sexy without being slutty.    He smiled when he saw me and greeted me with a tight hug and a kiss.  

We were seated in the crowded restaurant, ordering drinks and catching each other up on our days.  Now that we are in the routine of keeping in touch every day, the conversation flowed easily.   We talked about the first time we dated (6 months ago) and how this time was different.  He admitted that there was so much about me that he didn’t know the first time because he didn’t exactly give me a chance to share a lot of myself to him.  He went on to say that the things that he knows about me now make him like me a lot more. 

He stopped short of thanking me per se for seeing him again, but that it was a pleasure to get to know all my layers.   I added that the first time we dated that when we were out, we had our hands all over each other and now we do more talking.    I explained that one of the reasons I agreed to see him again and to even consider a romantic reunion was that he wasn’t the kind of man who had sex for sport.  It meant something to him and he didn’t sleep around.   He became quiet and took a deep breath before he confessed that he hasn’t been with anyone since we broke up in February.  My words came slowly and I looked down before I spoke them, then meeting his eyes again, telling him that I hadn’t been with anyone else either.    

Our words seemed to float in the air, our eyes were locked on each other and everything else seemed to be frozen around us.  It was one of those moments in life that feels like a slow motion.   The heart that I had previously been so successful holding onto was now thumping hard in my chest.   I looked down at his mouth approaching mine and then again at his eyes before closing my eyes.   I felt his lips and we shared a long, passionate kiss.  The kiss seemed to make the words official.  

We paid the check and he walked me to my car.   Finally, we had some privacy and our makeout sesh became intense, maybe too intense for the parking garage.  We were startled by the sarcastic honk of a passing car.  The driver obviously didn’t care about this turning point in our relationship, whatever… lol.   

He was a little embarrassed about the passing car, but I didn’t care and I kissed him harder, pressing him against my car.  As I kissed him, I was also mentally processing what he told me and trying to decide if it really made a difference or if I was exaggerating it because I wanted it to mean something.   My thoughts raced as he pulled me tighter to him, now kissing my neck.  I could instantly feel my defenses melt and wished I didn’t have to go home tonight, yet knowing it was best that I did.   I yanked him by his belt loops against me and gasped when I did, feeling his obvious desire.

Leaving him was difficult but I knew I should.   We exchanged short kisses and as we parted, we were reluctant to let go of each other’s hands.    The drive home was a daydream with romantic scenes from our past, tonight and what it would be like to sleep next to him again.   Admittedly, I was loosening the tight grip of my heart and for the moment it didn’t really seem to matter.
Thank you for reading... next date is even hotter... hubba hubba!
Other Awesome News!!!

I’ve been doing a regular show on a radio station and it’s so much fun!  I talk about dating, relationships and…    You can listen too, or even call in and talk to me 513.579.1160.   I go on air at about 8:15ish, EST, so listen to me if you can!  Smooches!!

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