Who am I?

Hi, The Single Mom is a curvy, sexy, dorky, fun-sized mom of two teenage boys and a rescue dog.  We live in the Midwest in a suburb of a large city.   My two boys are incredible young men, any parent would be proud to have them as sons.  I'm beyond blessed.

The stories in the diary are from five plus years of dating after a divorce.  I love being a woman and I enjoy single life, however I'm really wanting to find love.  I am convinced that I'm only one bad relationship away from becoming The Crazy Cat Lady and starting THAT blog.

Please send any questions or advertising inquiries to thesinglemomsdatingdiary@gmail.com

Why do I kiss and tell???

This blog is intended to be a positive outcome out of a whole lot of crappy dating experiences.  I want to share the funny and poignant things that happen when a suburban single mom dives back into the dating scene.  My hope is that you laugh, commiserate and maybe learn a little something here and there.  I openly invite you to laugh at me and ultimately be grateful that none of this crazy shit happens to you.

The names have all been changed to hide the identity of my dates.  The characters' names are all fake screen names chosen to protect them.   You'll meet many hilarious and unforgettable men who I meet along the way, "Dungeon Boy", "Freakshow" and "Magnum" just to name a few.   Minor details about places and professions may be changed to protect the identities of my dates and or my family and friends.

I absolutely adore men, so this is NOT a hater's clubhouse.  Although there are many douchebags out there, this is not intended to be a male bashing blog.  I will definitely be honest about some of the jerks that I meet, however I want this to be a place for humor and sharing.  I'd also like to celebrate parents, especially single parents.  Go you single moms and dads out there!

This blog is dedicated to those who have given my dream wings. 
I look forward to meeting many new friends here, so I hope you will say hello and ask me anything.   Go get yourself a yummy drink and hey toss a little somethin in it... c'mon no one is lookin...


The Single Mom