The Men

Here is a summary of the Men Characters in my blog so far to help you follow along...

Man Candy - A man I met through an online dating site in January of  '12.  He's good looking, an athlete, funny and about 8 years older than me.  We hit it off immediately, became close and had hot sexual chemistry, although choosing to take it slowly.  We became a regular item and he talked about introducing me to his son... but do I?

Twitterguy - Another man I met on (you guessed it) Twitter.   We started talking as friends but I was involved with "The Reader" and wouldn't cross any lines.   When he and I broke up, Twitterguy and I picked up where we left off, joking and flirting more.  We went out a couple of times and he's a guy I respect a lot. 

The Reader  - I met him on Twitter in the spring after he started reading my blog.  He lives about 500 miles from me so I never really considered it could have any potential for romance.   We began having a daily dialogue and eventually became extremely close.  He fell for me without knowing what I looked like and its the beginning of an incredible love story, that took some shocking turns.

Latin Lover - Handsome, charming, successful and funny man... sigh.  In a word, WOW!  He lives in another city, about 2 hours from me. We had extreme passion, attraction and I liked him a lot.  Apparently, we were looking for different things.      We were only able to see each other a few times, but each time was hotter than the time before.    

Freakshow - A man from my past who resurfaced as things were ending with Putter.  He has 5 kids, is an Accountant, and an avid golfer.  We began dating last summer and had a few major bumps in the road.   For whatever reason, I couldn't let myself fall for him again.

Southerngent -  I saw him a little over the winter and early spring.   We had a lot of roadbumps and life threw a lot of curve balls at us.  We got close and then pulled away, both of us at different times.   He is a kind man, sensitive, loving and very handsome.   I finally ended my communications with him after too many stops and starts.  His words and actions just didn't match and I couldn't risk my heart with someone so wishy washy.

Putter - He was a man who gave me so many mixed signals.  Being with him was fun and very hot.   It felt like a friendship that caught fire and I started falling for him.   We were together last winter, spent a lot of time and he dumped me right before Christmas, right after I lost my job.   We spent time together earlier this year and he hurt me all over again.   He's a couple years younger than me, works a blue collar job and is kind of vain honestly.  He lives nearby and has two preteen daughters.  He's funny and sweet but a part of my past.

Niceguy11 - Went out with in January of this year a couple of times.  Great chemistry, great man but I think the timing is off.  I realized I still had feelings for Putter as he was dealing with post divorce issues with his daughters. ~ He is a few years older than me, tall, successful, handsome.  He's very funny and loving .  He has 2 college age daughters, they are very close

Kincaid - Dated for a very brief time in the fall of '10.  Although we dated briefly, we were intense and had strong feelings for each other quickly.   Something was off for him though, not sure exactly what.   We continue to be friends and he is in a happy relationship.  I'm trying to talk him into writing a guest blog someday because he would be great... ~Kincaid has an executive career, is tall, athletic, several years older than me.  He is also so loving, warm, and very intellligent.  His children are all grown and in college.

Herbie64 - Went on one date in January '11.   He wasn't over his ex, broke a date with me, then said he was ready to move on with me, and I caught him in a lie.  He continues to contact me a lot, but hasn't really owned up to lying, so no dice. ~Herbie64 is in Sales, a few years older than me, cute and has 3 sons.

Rockstar - A comptuer programmer by day, bass guitar player by night... Rockstar was a man I met five years ago.  He has come into my life so many times and hurt me.   We still talk every now and then but I haven't seen him in almost a year. ~ Rockstar is 30ish, total free spirit, never married, no kids just writes songs plays music and drinks a lot.   He does have a good heart but has broken mine one too many times.