Thank you so much to all the readers of The Single Mom's Dating Diary.  I answer all my mail and I love hearing from you!   (even those of you who want to keep it a secret that you love reading, I'll never tell...)

The blog has been called a guilty pleasure and compared to a mix of Sex and the City and Bridget Jones Diary.  I'm humbled by the comparisons and by the intelligent readers who read me for a little break in their day.  I try to write from a positive mindset to make you giggle, blush or to maybe even inspire you. 

Thank you so much for your love, here are some comments from readers:

You are a great writer, everyone should be reading you! ~Nickeedee2001

Smart, sassy, interesting and entertaining!  ~@kimbykat (from Twitter)

...absolutely love your blog... keep writing so I have some good reading at work  danno212 (from Twitter)

I love your blog and look forward to it every day.  When you post a new entry, I sneak my phone into the bathroom at work to read it.   My favorite is the vibrator story, I had tears running down my face reading it.  Thank you so much for writing the blog, I love it.  ~C. from Kentucky

girl, i look forward to your letters (blog) ... I was reading it till i got a phone call. i have to get back to reading it. Shit, next time i will take the phone off the hook till i am finish reading you are so awesome...tell it like it is girl. whoever don't like it.......f### em!!!   ~ Anita, Pennsylvania

Just finished reading the vibrator story... have to go home now to change my pants... I peed in them from laughing so hard - thanks!  Who do I send my dry cleaning bill to? ~C. in Ohio

I look forward to reading it everyday, I laugh, I relate! It is true and from the heart!   ~   Twitter

Keep up the writing girl, you're speaking for about a million women in the same situation:)
♥ Susan, California

(The author of The Single Mom's Dating Diary has) ...a gritty sense of humor and a snappy wit...  JstcallmeFrank ~ fellow blogger

What can I say - I'm  a sucker for a good story, and you're a great person to read.   ~ @wubanger5 ~Twitter

RE: The Single Mom's Dating Diary:  dating in the real world...honest & bold, funny & heartfelt -  @Millerchick - Twitter

Just read your "The Ex files..." entry. Very enjoyable. I love your writing, among other things! *kiss*  -@peterwesleysleypt2  ~ Twitter

I am all tingly thanks to you. Love love love ur blog, Thanks for the love!    ~ @davidraydogg ~ Twitter

 I love your site, like your voice so I should show some appreciation or that would be rude, no? Lol. Much appreciation:)  @Fridayam ~ Twitter

I'm proud to have been chosen as one of the top 25 single parent blogs by Circle of Moms.  Smooches to all who voted!